ven louder: “I had a sword fight with Mad Lord before, and your Heaven-Splitting Sword Intent is really extraordinary, not much worse than my sect master’s Immortal Sword Intent, so I won’t accept it!”

Sword Fierce Dugu was stunned when he heard this and looked towards Mad Lord Xin out of curiosity.
Crazy Heart King:
I told the truth, but you framed me and wanted to kill me, you
Do you still want to sleep with my royal sister?
Time passes by minute by second, and the time when the secret realm of Yiliang appears is getting closer and closer.
Everyone, including Lu Bei, was very curious about what kind of secrets the secret realm held for thousands of years. It was said that the great masters of the Tribulation Period who were buried in the secret realm killed each other because of something.
During this period, Jianxi Dugu tried to talk to Lu Bei several times, but was blocked by the Zhao brothers and sisters.
It’s a bit surprising that Dugu is not as evil as the outside world said. He seems to be easy to talk to and not fierce at all.
/In the dark cave, the cold Yin Qi gradually became stronger and slowly climbed to a critical point.
Everyone knew that the time for the secret realm to appear was coming, and they all waited with bated breath for the last moment. The heartbroken Kuangjun stopped shouting and stood vigilantly beside Lu Bei, his eyes fixed on the Zhao brothers and sisters and Dugu.
If it is strong, it will be weak; if it is negative, it will be yang.
After the rich Yin Qi reached its limit, a warmth slowly arose in the cave, and the deep, silent pool gurgled, as if it were placed on a stove, boiling at an extremely fast speed.
boom! !
The water exploded, steam filled the air, and the pool was cleared away in an instant, revealing a hole deep in the earth.
The bottomless cave is infinitely dark. At its narrowest point, ten people can walk side by side, so it is not very crowded.
But what determines the size of space is never objective facts, but subjective human hearts.
The passage is too narrow for everyone to enter at the same time.
On Lu Bei’s side, the group of people retreated slowly. Brother Zhao and his sister stayed on the spot, blocking Dugu’s body, watching as they approached the deep pool.
Xin Kuangjun, an expert in martial arts, was brave and came to enforce the law. He turned his back on Lu Zhou and the trio of Xuanlong and jumped down into the pit.
In the infinite darkness, a pillar was raised high, reaching down into the abyss and supporting a stone platform above.
“Bloodline mechanism!”
Xin Kuangjun shouted loudly and was disappointed that he could not wait for the crackling sound of fighting above.
Lu Bei was also disappointed. The teammates matched this time were too mature, and the Xuanlong trio were extremely calm. He was still waiting for someone to flip the table and fish in troubled waters.
Xin Kuangjun landed on the platform, took out a bottle of blood that might be the Prime Minister’s wife, or simply the Prime Minister himself, and poured it on the blood s