u Changan refused to admit it and greeted, “Eat.”

Bai Hui rolled her eyes at Liu Changan and thought with some certainty that because Liu Changan was so annoying, An Nuan had a unique taste and could stand him. She would never like him. Miao Yingying thought too much.
After dinner, the five of us went to the supermarket.
“After this period of observation, I found that girls have more animalistic characteristics, while men are obviously more characterized by the evolution of human social civilization.” Gao Dewei and Liu Changan fell behind.
/“How can I see it?”
“You see, in the animal world, males and females have a clear division of labor and each performs their own duties. But in modern society, men are basically competent or have the characteristics of the evolution of human society and civilization because their occupations are more diverse. Sex.” Gao Dewei pointed to his belly, “Besides not having children, what else can we not do?”
“What you said makes sense. If you have time, discuss it with Miao Yingying.”
“When I told her, she would just look at me confused and not understand at all.”
“I think that in the natural world, the natural settings and laws are irresistible. Men are born with stronger bodies. This makes it impossible for men and women to be truly equal under the current situation. Human nature is evil , it is impossible to expect that the progress of civilization will eliminate such inequalities. Just like the so-called free and democratic political system has been regarded as the end of civilization in the early years, but it has not eliminated war in this world, and the law of the jungle is strong. ”
“That’s the truth.” Gao Dewei nodded.
“Because of human nature, the world cannot be peaceful. This is the same as the inability to eliminate the inequality between men and women. The awareness and efforts of some people cannot change the natural setting. Only when human beings become spiritual bodies, with the state of consciousness Only when they survive and are freed from the shackles of the body will men and women be truly equal. Of course, there was no so-called distinction between men and women at that time.” Liu Changan was a little hopeful but confused. This was the future he thought, but in such a future, he Whether he would be willing to leave his body and become a conscious body was difficult for him to decide.
For others, this problem is too far away to consider, but for Liu Changan, this does not seem to be a decision that is too far away.
“Listening to what you said, I was enlightened. I plan to study this aspect in the future. When I become a consciousness,” Gao Dewei is very looking forward to it. When he becomes a consciousness, he will not need to face his parents urging him to find a girl. Friends and stuff like that.
Liu Changan smiled. This was the case many, many times in his life. He did not do something, but intentionally or unintentionally prompted some people to do things that promoted certain civilizational achievements.
Of course, he didn’t think that what he sai