“No, there are few cars at this point, get in the car.” Ma Benwei glanced at An Nuan and said.
Liu Changan got on the car first, followed by An Nuan.
“The east gate of the Orangery of Shonan University, right?”
The car started to move, and An Nuan noticed that Ma Benwei was glancing back from time to time in the rearview mirror, and quickly took Liu Changan’s arm.
/“Drive well.” Liu Changan reminded.
“To tell you the truth, I do live broadcasts. My fans reminded me that this beautiful girl is also an Internet celebrity?” Ma Benwei turned his head and glanced at An Nuan. He looked at the other person, a man and a woman, and he had to follow the routine. It might be a bit difficult to create program effects, so Ma Benwei simply said it.
Upon hearing this, An Nuan pulled up Liu Changan’s clothes, completely covering his face, and ignored Ma Benwei.
“It’s not okay for you to do this, infringing on other people’s privacy and portrait rights.” Liu Changan said with a smile.
“Okay, I’ll turn off the live broadcast.”
An Nuan then put down Liu Changan’s school uniform.
“To be honest, a beautiful girl like you without makeup is much prettier than any internet celebrity I’ve ever seen. They all rely on beauty and makeup.” Ma Benwei couldn’t help but praise.
“Of course, our school has five hundred flower guardians who take turns to protect him every day. I waited in line for a year before it was my turn.” Liu Changan said happily, and then felt the flesh on his waist being pinched by An Nuan.
/“Haha, that’s an exaggeration, that’s an exaggeration.” Ma Benwei said with a smile, “Beauty, is that so?”
An Nuan still ignored Ma Benwei and refused to say a word until she got off the bus.
Watching the car drive away, An Nuan stamped her feet, “It’s really unlucky, but how could I be recognized? I usually walk on the street, and no one points at me and calls me a volleyball girl or something.”
“The visual perception of direct contact and the photos and images seen through the screen are completely different. I think the key is the issue of school uniforms. Your mother sent you many photos in school uniforms on Weibo. When others compare them, Shonan The uniforms of the high school affiliated to the university are so good-looking, so I immediately thought of them, so I’ll give them a five-star review.”
“Is it my fault that I’m good-looking?” An Nuan twisted her body a little proudly.
“Let’s go back.”
“It’s because you refused to walk back with me, otherwise this wouldn’t have happened. I hate this kind of anchor so much.”
“It’s nothing. Anyway, I’m with you and he didn’t even talk to you. What he said is right. It’s difficult to find a car at this point.”
“Well, see you tomorrow”
“See you tomorrow”
An Nuan stood still and didn’t move.
“You want to send me back?” Liu Changan asked with a smile.
“I’ll wait for you to turn around and kick you!”
Liu Changan turned around, and An Nuan watched him come to the corner, then put his hands in his pockets and skipped home.
Liu Changan did not walk back again