orpse king is like this.” Li Hongfang kindly persuaded: “Brother, if Mrs. Karnstein is really a vampire, you Just donate that living coffin to the country. After all, I’m being stared at by a vampire, and I feel like there are two teeth on my neck that will bite me off at any time.”

“If it were Li Daoren in the coffin, would you donate it to the country?”
Li Hongfang looked at Liu Changan in surprise and opened his mouth, unable to tell whether he was joking or just talking casually.
In Li Hongfang’s view, although it is said that a divine figure like his ancestor became a flying immortal, and Liu Chang’an said he was buried on two pieces of wood, it is not necessarily impossible for him to actually become a person in a living coffin.
“Just kidding, Li Daoren owed a lot of debt when he died, how can he get something like a living coffin?” Liu Changan waved his hand, “I guess you won’t donate Li Daoren’s living coffin, and neither can I.”
“Are your ancestors inside the coffin?” Li Hongfang thought of this possibility. Otherwise, how could Liu Changan give examples of his ancestors?
“Is stepmother considered an ancestor?”
“Stepmother? Of course not.”
“You guys dig slowly, I’m leaving.” Of course Liu Changan would not chat too deeply with Li Hongfang, so he stood up and prepared to leave.
Li Hongfang watched Liu Changan leave and couldn’t figure out why he suddenly said stepmother. Did he mean that it was his stepmother in the coffin? That shouldn’t be the meaning. Does the word “stepmother” have any other meanings?
/A man wearing a helmet and a semi-transparent mask, with only a pair of eyes exposed, emerged from the hole and looked at Liu Changan’s leaving figure.
“You trust him so much?” The man’s tone was not worried, but rather sour.
“He wants to deal with us. We have been caught long ago. Stop talking nonsense and get to work.” Li Hongfang said angrily.
“Who is this person from?” The man couldn’t help but ask.
“King of Corpses.” Li Hongfang bluffed casually.
“I’m still a rice dumpling.”
“Let me ask you something, stepmother, is there anything else you mean?”
“What’s the point of that? I’m stepmother.”
Liu Changan didn’t waste much time, but when he arrived at Gao Dewei’s house, many class activities had already started.
The scale of the activities organized by Bai Hui and An Nuan was similar to the last time they visited Yangui Lake. After all, the summer vacation of the senior year of high school is different from any other summer vacation. Many people are no longer carefree and waiting for the next game. During this semester, some people have to make major plans related to their lives.
For example, Lin Xinhuai did not come. He has signed a contract with the DSB team and is ready to take a year off from his freshman year. This is the last year of the LSPL and the last chance to enter the LPL through the LSPL. Class A will start next year. The league’s competition system is about to be reformed.
Lin Xinhuai’s contract is pretty good. If he can enter the LPL league, the benefits provided by DSB