wa now.” Zhu Yan restrained the contempt in his eyes, although in front of him Human beings are indeed very powerful, but in Zhu Xi’s heart, the status of Empress Nuwa is supreme. Does anyone want to get to know Empress Nuwa? Really arrogant and ignorant.

Zhu Yan could not forget that astonishing scene. Even the strange beasts trembled in front of the power of heaven and earth.
There were many powerful beasts that could make mountains shake with just a single move, appear and appear in rivers, and make water rise and fall. But even these strong men who were as quiet as lying on distant mountains and as moving as tornadoes were still standing on the burning boulders. When attacked, they can only flee in panic.
At that time, there was only the figure of Nuwa, flying retrogradely into the sky, facing the meteorite that seemed to burn everything, smashing the fireballs into pieces, and using her body to give the alien beasts a chance to survive.
From then on, the king of the alien beasts was only Nuwa, no longer the dragon who sacrificed for the human race.
“It’s a pity.” Liu Changan said. These alien beasts are loyal to the Empress Nuwa. If they can find this empress, they can have a chat with her. The two sides will discuss how the alien beasts should function in modern human society under the guidance of the core values ??of socialism. agree on living a correct and positive life.
Otherwise, with so many strange beasts appearing in Junsha, if they are messed up, it will inevitably have some impact on Liu Changan’s daily life.
As long as the empress agrees, having her restrain these beasts will save a lot of trouble. With her status and authority among the beasts, no beast will dare to disobey her.
/Liu Changan was a little surprised that these strange beasts were not very interested in dragons. Otherwise, even if he could not find Nuwa Empress, he could still operate them while controlling the influence.
/“The dragon saved those ancestors. They multiplied and multiplied, and gradually spread from the place where they originally gathered to all parts of the world. Why did you disappear until today?” In addition to Empress Nuwa, Liu Changan was also a little curious about this question.
Humans are social animals, unlike some races that are widely dispersed, one here and one there.
In ancient times, it was impossible for individual or scattered human groups to survive. Even small tribes could have all traces of their existence wiped out due to a small accident.
When the heavenly punishment mentioned by Zhu Nu came, the humans who were rescued still persisted in reproducing and gradually became today’s civilization. The strange beasts rescued by Nuwa Empress slowly disappeared. There must be some reason here. .
Zhu Yan took two steps back and responded silently. He did not answer Liu Changan’s question for a long time.
Liu Chang’an was very reasonable and reasonable, and he could put himself in others’ shoes and be considerate. He could also understand Zhu Ni’s silence, and asked with an enlightening attitude: