an’t bear it.” Liu Changan nodded. This was one of the reasons why he kept changing An Nuan’s body.

ah? A touch of warm sunset blush appeared on Yan Huaye’s cloud-like soft and white cheeks, “She didn’t mean that, she meant that if she was a girlfriend, only with the physical fitness and heart of a superwoman, Liu Changan would not be angry to death. ”
Liu Changan took a deep breath. It seemed that Yan Qingcheng didn’t feel warm at all.
But fortunately, he didn’t care much about Yan Qingcheng’s opinion. After all, Yan Qingcheng was just an old friend, and he was different from the descendants like Zhu Juntang and Liu Changchun who were personally cultivated.
“She is still young and full of fantasies about love. Girls pursue stories from idol dramas.” Yan Huaye shook her head with a chuckle.
“What about you?” Liu Changan looked at Yan Huaye, who had regained a lot of her youth. Judging from Ma Weiming’s performance just now, Yan Huaye could chase, experience and indulge in love like a young woman.
/Although it is said that love has nothing to do with age, there is no doubt that young and beautiful women have more opportunities to experience it.
“Me.” Yan Huaye’s eyes were filled with the teacher she respected and admired most. Her life was full of storms, but she finally reunited with him. It was in line with her favorite love poem, “The storm is miserable.” , Xiaoxiao, like darkness. The rooster crows and crows, and the glue is glued, and it is endless. When you see a gentleman, you will not be confused, not confused, and not happy. ”
On a miserable night, the woman was waiting alone. He opened the door and came to see her covered in wind and rain.
What kind of warmth and peace of mind it is, meeting each other is only for a moment, but it will be eternity after that.
Yan Huaye knew that the sorrow and sorrow in the first half of her life would disappear, just because he finally appeared in front of her again.
Yunhu was not happy to see a gentleman, and Yan Huaye looked at him with eyes full of joy.
“In the second half of my life, I probably won’t expect other people’s love.” Yan Huaye withdrew her gaze, not daring to look at him. “I am a rural teacher. You may not know that this profession is poor and hard, but it makes people fundamentally Reluctant to leave.”
Liu Changan nodded, but how could he not know? Nowadays, education conditions in many places are still very difficult. They are short of money and people. Rural teachers are also human beings and want a better life. Some people can’t help but leave, but there are also many teachers like Yan Huaye who are watching. Those children whose families are in difficulty and may have to travel more than ten or twenty miles to get to school cannot leave and stay year after year.
Some people don’t want to do great things, but just make ordinary things great.
The two of them were walking on the top of Lushan Mountain chatting when Liu Changan’s phone rang. He glanced at it and it turned out to be Su Mei’s request for a video call.
Liu Changan answered the c