, accompanied by the sound of Chu Weiyang’s long breathing, sitting in such a beautiful dojo, the abundant vitality that can’t be stopped is still pouring in like a strong wind, and then it is easily lifted by the long breathing. Devoured.

The process of being swallowed up and refining the vitality can be described as massive.
Correspondingly, Chu Weiyang’s cultivation qi has not increased significantly. However, because it is still in the fluctuation of cultivation qi, Chu Weiyang’s realm aura has also changed from the obscure. A corner of it is clearly revealed.
The ninth level of foundation building realm.
To be honest, Lu Beihai was at the peak of the foundation-building realm. In terms of cultivation level, he was one level higher than Chu Weiyang. However, at this moment, Lu Beihai only had the vague illusion of an endless abyss.
It was as if what was standing and sitting in front of him was not a monk, but some kind of towering celestial phenomenon that could not be expressed in words, like some kind of sea-eye vortex that swallowed everything!
And this is just the tip of the iceberg of practicing law that Chu Weiyang revealed from the obscurity due to his uncontrollable absorption of vitality and cultivation of magic power. But in retrospect, The truly majestic and majestic mystical view of cultivation was almost beyond comprehension for Lu Beihai.
And because of the sight of Chu Weiyang, Lu Beihai even went one step further and thought of his seventh aunt Xie Chengqiong who said goodbye not long ago.
No one knows how long Xie Chengqiong stayed at the pinnacle of the foundation-building realm in order to avenge the old grudges in this long-standing story. She even excelled at a certain level and honed her skills to a level comparable to that of a monk in the elixir realm. The means of fighting have always kept his cultivation level in place.
Nowadays, we have accumulated a lot of experience!
Coupled with this is the calm state of mind after a great revenge has been avenged.
Xie Chengqiong has shown similar characteristics since the time when he was on the bank of Baoping River. Even though he has been steadily promoted to the realm of elixir fetus, he has solidified the foundation that there is no emptiness in one breath.
But for a very long time after that, until Lu Beihai said goodbye, along with Xie Chengqiong’s soft breathing, there was still a huge amount of water element energy pouring in crazily, and at the same time it was easily swallowed up by Xie Chengqiong, it was steadily pushed forward Following Xie Chengqiong’s cultivation aura, he continued to grow towards a higher and deeper realm.
Looking at it now, Xie Chengqiong and Wudu Taoist, two people who are at different levels of cultivation and in different fields of Taoism, actually show the same characteristics in cultivating and refining Taoism.
/Is this the extraordinary talent possessed by a true genius?
After thinking about this moment, Lu Beihai couldn’t help but sigh, and he also had complicated emotions after having a clear u