wn, he still explained: “Don’t lose weight. I’m just teasing you. It’s just right.”

Zhou Shuling carefully judged whether he was telling the truth and laughed.
During lunch, unexpectedly, Zhongqing came over. She is a normal and polite person, so she brought a lot of gifts when she came to pay her New Year greetings. She was followed by four men in black carrying gifts, and they all arranged the sofa. Full of gifts.
It was during dinner time that Liu Changan stayed with Zhong Qing to eat. He had something else he wanted Zhong Qing to do.
/Zhou Shuling has always had a warm and hospitable temperament, and it is rare to entertain guests at home. When she saw Zhong Qing wearing only thin semi-transparent flesh-colored stockings, she quickly brought the little sun over.
“Give way.” Zhou Shuling motioned to Liu Changan to move his seat. He and Zhong Qing were so close that their legs were almost touching and the little sun couldn’t fit.
Liu Changan moved away a little, and Zhongqing thanked her with a smile. In fact, she rarely did outdoor activities, and she was not very afraid of the cold. She was used to it even without wearing stockings, but wearing flesh-colored stockings in winter still looks better than bare legs.
Zhou Shuling looked at Zhong Qing with a little envy, and then sat back to the seat opposite her. Secretary Zhong had a really good figure, with straight and slender calves. Especially her sitting posture was very particular. Her calves were leaning together diagonally, with her toes touching the ground and her heels pointing. She was holding the legs of the stool and stretching the insteps straight, making her already tall legs look even straighter and slender.
Among women of the same age as Zhong Qing, Zhou Shuling thought about it and found that Miss Qin’s figure and appearance were better than Zhong Qing’s. The main point was that Miss Qin had an advantage that ordinary people could not match.
Zhou Shuling lowered her head and looked at herself. Fortunately, she was almost the same as Secretary Zhong, but worse than Miss Qin.
“Excuse me.” Zhong Qing said to Zhou Shuling and withdrew his eyes from Zhou Shuling’s waist and hips. It’s just a person like Liu Changan. How can ordinary men sit calmly in the face of such a beauty? .
It may not be easy to develop feelings between men and women, but it is easy to create ambiguous gossip in the eyes of others.
But Zhongqing knew in her heart that she had done embarrassing things to Liu Changan and knew that Liu Changan was not that kind of person.
Thinking of the slap he struck that night, Zhong Qing still felt a little dizzy.
/“Why are you bothering me? Just add a pair of chopsticks. Secretary Zhong, you can try the pig’s trotter skin first and the juice I mixed with it.” Zhou Shuling wanted to know what other people thought of this dish.
“Okay.” Zhongqing picked up a pair of chopsticks. The pig’s trotter skin was cooked and crystal clear, dyed with fiery red pepper oil, and finely chopped seasonings. The sight of it whetted your appetite, and it