“Why didn’t you really wake up that time? Did you fall asleep again?”
“It’s really exciting.”
“I am Avrona Volibear, the King of the North who lords over the North Pole of the Earth. I come to say hello to you.”
After the woman finished speaking, she stood quietly in front of Leifeng Pagoda.
Snow fell all over her oil-paper umbrella, and her expression was very calm. Perhaps only by staring closely into her eyes could one see a touch of fanatical expectation in the deepest part.
Ten minutes later, the woman who called herself Avrona Volibear took steps and walked up the stairs to the base of the tower.
The closed but strong door could not stop Avrona’s steps. She pushed lightly and the door was forced open.
She did not climb the tower, but continued to open the ancient doors one after another and came to the bottom of the tower. Here is an exhibition hall, with the picture story of Xu Xian and White Snake, the original foundation, and the excavated underground palace.
Avrona’s eyes scanned the exhibition albums and stories on the wall with interest, and then landed on the foundation and underground palace of the original site.
In the center of the original foundation is a hexagonal groove, and in the center is a square underground palace with a length and width of fifty centimeters and a depth of only one meter.
The foundation of the original site was surrounded by glass. Avrona put down the oil-paper umbrella in her hand, held her super huge tool box in one hand, and pressed it on the solid glass with the other.
Her palm changed from being pressed against the glass to being supported by five fingers in an arch shape, until fine lines appeared under her fingertips. Then as her body leaned forward slightly, the solid glass finally could not resist this prehistoric feeling. The reckless power that the giant beast burst out was instantly shattered.
/There was no siren, and the surrounding surveillance cameras seemed to have lost their souls and focus, without any deterrent or warning effect.
Avrona carried her toolbox and walked to the site of the original Leifeng Tower, staring at the small underground palace.
As a result, the underground palace was protected and was not excavated. The relevant information was sealed. It was only by coincidence that Aurora came across these sealed information.
Aurora believed that the underground palace was not a tomb, but a snake sleeping there.
A white snake.
Of course there are none of these things here now. Aurora opened her tool box, which contained a container filled with red liquid.
Looking at the capacity, it feels like it can fill the entire underground palace.
Avrona was indeed prepared to do this. She opened the container and poured all the bright red liquid into the underground palace.
The bloody smell came, and it was all fresh blood.
Avrona watched as the blood gradually became still in the underground palace, with only a few bubbles floating on the surface of the blood.
She stretched out her finger, and there was a bleeding hole on it, and her