helicopter last night and haven’t been back since.” Liu Changan glanced at Zhong Qing, who looked so barefaced after waking up early in the morning, and then realized that she was indeed Bai Hui’s cousin. Not only did she have a similar figure, but her face It’s a bit similar. Bai Fen will probably have a similar temperament and appearance to Zhong Qing when he matures.

“I’m going back to sleep.” Zhu Juntang remembered a terrible thing. Although he fainted in the middle, he definitely couldn’t be counted as sleeping when he fainted. If he didn’t sleep this night, what would he do if he got acne later?
Zhu Juntang wanted Liu Changan to sit in the back with him, but Liu Changan went to sit in the passenger seat because Liu Changan had ridden in Zhongqing’s car several times and always sat in the passenger seat.
Zhongqing looked at Liu Changan and Zhu Juntang suspiciously and didn’t go back all night? The scene in this wilderness is too fascinating, but Zhongqing no longer monitors the interactions between Liu Changan and Zhu Juntang. She only pays attention to it from the perspective of thinking about her cousin.
/Zhongqing first sent Zhu Juntang to Baolong Center. Zhu Juntang took the elevator back without letting Zhong Qing accompany him upstairs. Zhongqing then sent Liu Changan home.
When Liu Changan got out of the car, Zhongqing lowered the window and said to him, “Do you have time to make an appointment for a supper?”
“Okay.” Liu Changan nodded. Although Zhongqing got drunk every time he had late-night snacks, he had already had late-night snacks with her several times. Zhongqing didn’t eat like many girls who don’t eat this or that. The dishes are also neat and never say “casual”, which Liu Changan appreciates more.
Liu Changan watched Zhong Qing drive away. It was common for men to drive nice cars, but beautiful cars were more like exquisite decorations for women, similar to bags and the like.
Liu Changan did not go upstairs, but sat under the plane tree to rest.
/Holidays should be like this with nothing to do, no need to plan anything, just stay wherever you want, waiting for three meals a day to count and measure the length of your leisurely days.
“Dan Dan?” Liu Changan shouted towards the door of the utility room.
He just shouted casually, but he didn’t expect that the door would open a crack again, and Shangguan’s dazed eyes were exposed through the crack.
Seeing Liu Changan’s expression as if he was just shouting casually and nothing happened, Shangguan Dandan gently closed the door again.
“Do you want some meat buns?” Liu Changan asked.
The door opened a crack again, Shangguan Dandan was still hiding behind the crack and looking around.
“If you want to eat the meat buns last night, just come out and go upstairs to Zhou Dongdong’s house to eat.” Liu Changan remembered that Zhou Shuling had made dozens of these meat buns and could not understand why she made so many at one time, but she just Done.
After getting Liu Changan’s approval, she will definitely make more meat buns like this. Adding