how to get to school. I’ll go back first and wait until I remember how to get to school.” After saying that, Zhou Dongdong continued to walk home. Of course, he could just walk to the canteen. I watched Sister Dandan play cards at the canteen. If she won money, she would buy a planet cup to eat. If she lost money, the two of them would go home hand in hand.

Zhou Shuling stretched out her hand and grabbed Zhou Dongdong’s ear, “You have forgotten how to get to school, right? Lu Si’en hasn’t forgotten, let him take you there.”
“Ouch” Zhou Dongdong had no choice but to howl and accept the reality.
Zhou Shuling sighed, “Other children who have stayed at home for so long usually want to go to school and miss their teachers and classmates. But she just wants to be as idle as the grandparents in the community.”
“You go ahead and go ahead. I’ll take her to school. She seems to be registering and handing in her homework today, so she shouldn’t be in class.” Liu Changan held Zhou Dongdong’s hand.
/Zhou Shuling said “Yeah”. Although Liu Changan often supported Zhou Dongdong’s nonsense, he was unambiguous on major matters. It was impossible for him to take Zhou Dongdong back to the community to play when Zhou Shuling turned around.
Separating from Zhou Shuling at the fork in the road, Liu Changan asked Lu Sien to go back, and then slowly walked towards the school with Zhou Dongdong.
Zhou Dongdong stopped and walked along the way, looking at those milk tea shops and shops selling stinky tofu to regain his memory.
The two of them walked to the school gate. Liu Changan was holding a cup of orange milk tea in his hand. Zhou Dongdong had a plate of chocolates in his pocket and a box of pig ribs in his hand.
Liu Changan and Zhou Dongdong decided to finish eating before entering the school, so they sat down on the chairs on the landscape path at the school gate.
“Zhou Dongdong, you just know how to eat.”
Before Liu Changan and Zhou Dongdong sat down, there was a mother and her son resting next to them. The woman was in her forties and seemed to have a middle-aged son. The child was lean and had a big head. He was wearing a pair of thick glasses and looked at Zhou Dongdong eats.
Zhou Dongdong ignored him and was munching on the short ribs attentively, because Zhou Dongdong was hungry halfway through and felt that he had no energy to go to school. Who knew that brother Chang’an bought short ribs to drive Zhou Dongdong, forcing her to have Go to school with strength.
“It’s not good to eat too much. If you are so fat and still eat ribs, you have to pay attention to the nutritional balance.” The woman also said, looking at Zhou Dongdong and frowning, and then looked away.
“Eating your pork ribs? What do you care about? I don’t know how to raise my own children? You need to teach me.” Liu Changan gently reminded the other party to stop beeping. If he beeps again, he will tear your mouth. He thinks your uncle Liu can’t do it. No?
The woman chuckled lightly, raised her eyebrows, and her already conspicuous cheekbones became more p