Dandan didn’t ask him for money anymore. She would wait until tomorrow and ask him for fifty yuan. Shangguan Dandan finished eating the noodles and picked up the chopsticks and bowl carefully. Putting it in the kitchen sink counts as doing the housework for him.

The Queen Mother tried her best.
Because of the washing machine, Liu Changan didn’t really expect her to help with housework. Liu Changan was very leisurely and patient, but he had no interest in helping her clean up the housework.
It was just dawn. Liu Changan looked at the sky and said that he would wait for him to come over and have breakfast together.
Liu Changan went to the vegetable market to buy some rice noodles and fresh meat, and ran to An Nuan’s home.
“You’re really here.” An Nuan said, with a smile on her face that looked relieved.
When girls grow up, of course they understand that they face many unexpected things. However, if you have someone you like and you don’t know what use he can be used for, you still hope that when you are nervous or not so at ease, He can be by his side.
Liu Changan handed the rice noodles and pork to An Nuan and motioned for her to put them in the kitchen.
An Nuan came out of the kitchen quickly and said, “Actually, there’s nothing wrong. My mother said it was already dawn and she couldn’t sleep. I shouldn’t have any more nightmares tonight.”
/“She was overly frightened, and the adrenal glands in her body secreted a large amount of catecholamines, which are used in emergency situations. This kind of thing can cause spasm of small arteries throughout the body, increase blood pressure, cause spasm of cerebral arteries, and then cause ischemia and hypoxia of brain cells. She passed out. Generally speaking, it can be recovered. Logically speaking, Professor Liu’s body should be fine. Her nightmares are due to her poor mental capacity, and her normal life is too simple and comfortable.” Liu Changan did not. Thinking this is a big deal, “Isn’t she afraid to watch horror movies?”
An Nuan nodded vigorously. In fact, Professor Liu liked to watch, and even liked to pull An Nuan to watch, but every time he watched a little bit, he stopped watching, so this mental endurance has never been really developed.
“Why do you know everything?” An Nuan couldn’t help but admire her boyfriend again, even though that was not the focus now.
“Chang’an, are you here?” Liu Yuewang shouted from the bedroom.
“I’ll massage your mother’s head to relieve some of the pain. I’ll give her some medicine to nurse her back later.” Liu Changan asked An Nuan for his opinion.
An Nuan nodded repeatedly.
So Liu Changan and An Nuan entered Liu Yuewang’s bedroom together.
“Professor Liu, I’ll massage your head for you, and An Nuan, take out as little of the facial cream I gave you as possible and soak it in a glass of water.” Liu Changan said to An Nuan.
An Nuan didn’t ask much about why the cream was needed and hurriedly went to prepare it.
/“Sorry to bother you, I heard that massage can also soothe the mind and help you sleep.” Liu Yuewang looked