spitting fire, and he enters with the thought of perishing together. field.

There are not many people left, six of them, all students who are strong enough to be ranked among the top ten, geniuses among geniuses.
Ignoring the men for now, among the female cultivators, in addition to Chang Qingyu and Shao Han, there is also a handsome figure who is very familiar with Lu Wubi.
/Zhu Qilan.
“Cousin, are you here to help me?” Lu Bei was overjoyed.
“Zongzhu Lu is joking. I’m just kidding. I’m just a bidder, so I’m not qualified to help you.” Zhu Qilan had no expression on his face. He took out the snow-white sword and glanced at Lu Bei. The chest, hands and feet seemed to be picking out a good piece of meat.
“Cousin, don’t be like this, your eyes are too revealing.” Lu Bei covered his crotch with his hands and looked away shyly.
Familiar taste.
Even though Zhu Qilan and Lu Bei were getting along day and night, they couldn’t hold back their anger at this moment. The long knife was in his hand, sweeping across the white tiger’s shadow, roaring with sharp golden energy.
The swift sword light was like a thunderbolt, or like sunlight passing by, unremarkable. It cut through the void at an extremely fast speed, leaving behind a virtual image of the strike along the way, and cut Lu Bei into two pieces in the air.
Zhu Qilan didn’t feel any pain after killing his own man with his own hands. He knew that Lu Bei was extremely fast, and with a calm expression on his face, he slashed behind him with a backhand knife.
The sweeping sword light crushed the void, cutting a sunken dark passage, and the surrounding world suddenly closed like an ocean.
no one!
Still behind you!
Zhu Qilan didn’t think much, and the moment he turned around, he slashed out with his sword.
Lu Bei clasped his wrist, took a step forward, pressed against the back of his delicate body, moved one hand forward to caress the delicate face, and blew into Zhu Qilan’s ear: “Dinner should be eaten at the end, you wait a moment, I will taste it Appetizers, settle them down and they’ll come back to you.”
After saying this, he bit his ear with his lips and pursed his lips lightly.
Zhu Qilan was furious, and with a red face, he slashed with his backhand. The blade cut through the golden shadow. When he turned around, the golden light had already reached Shao Han.
“Senior sister, do you want to make a date?”
Lu Bei grinned, and his figure grew bigger and bigger in Shao Han’s eyes as he stared into the distance. He clenched his five fingers into a fist, and with a bang, white light shone, and the sword light was released into the distance.
boom! boom! boom
Golden light spread across the space, and the space collapsed and exploded again and again. Lu Bei punched Chang Qingyu down, waved his hand to his falling figure, and turned to look at the young man beside him.
“Your Excellency is so cold and cold. Don’t you know that a hero saves a beauty and a beauty must repay his kindness with his body?”
/The young man spread his hands and said, “