body is really strong. He was able to survive a killing blow from two of my senior brothers.

Chong Yuxiao’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat. At this moment, his body was exhausted. He turned to look at Yan Jun, who was unable to stand: “Junior brother, I will leave this animal to my brother. You can rest for a while.”
/Yan Jun nodded and told Chong Yuxiao to be careful in everything, and then looked at the Taifu with confusion, wondering why the latter opened the passage to let the three of them enter.
Zhu Xian can do it, Wu Zhou is one of his own, and his body is seriously injured and requires rescue by his teammates.
As for him and Chong Yuxiao, wouldn’t Zhu Xian die miserably if they let his two brothers enter?
Is it possible
It’s already this time, but you still haven’t forgotten the national conditions of Wuzhou?
Yan Jun was dumbfounded, feeling that he was overthinking and had no idea that Zhu Xian had offended the Taifu before. The woman was so arrogant that she was ready to let Zhu Xian die in a chaotic battle.
Before the battle started, two more disruptors entered the scene.
The Taifu opened a passage with his swords, and Zhu Xiushi and Lu Bei stepped forward. The former and the Taifu looked at each other and nodded, making eye contact and quickly completing the exchange of information.
Lu Bei also wanted to communicate and inquire about the current situation, and got the back of Taifu’s head.
The dog didn’t deserve to be in her sight.
Tsk tsk, it’s so lofty and noble, it’s amazing, obviously before, I had the same father.
Lu Bei mocked a few words, and looked at Chong Yuxiao and Yan Jun with fierce eyes. The undisguised killing intent and ecstasy made the two of them turn pale.
The Immortal Evil Sword is coming, and trouble is coming.
Glancing at the two of them, Lu Bei’s attention was quickly attracted by a beautiful figure in the field.
Xiang Muqing is dressed in white as snow, her skin is like gelatin, her black hair is like clouds, her feet are on a white jade lotus platform, and there are thousands of rays of light all over her body, making her look like a fairy who does not eat the fireworks of the world.
Who are you!
Looking at Xiang Muqing, who had a holy aura all over his body and even his nostrils, Lu Bei felt unhappy for no reason.
What a fairy who has come out of the world. Such a fairy, if you don’t fall into the evil world, your temperament will be in vain!
There is no other meaning, I just dislike Mu Qing. Why do you think you are a positive person when everyone is cultivating immortality?
Lu Bei snorted. Coincidentally, the leader of Tianjian Sect is best at getting along with positive people.
Lu Bei was sizing up Xiang Muqing, and Xiang Muqing was also sizing up Zhu Xiushi beside Lu Bei. After thinking for a moment, he confirmed Zhu Xiushi’s identity.
Although not as elegant as Taifu Qinglian, the plum blossoms, orchids, bamboos and chrysanthemums each have their own merits, and she is also an incomparable beauty.
Speaking of which, Xiang Muqing was invited