eyes, but before they could flow to his cheeks, they suddenly turned into a wisp of delicate water vapor under the burning of the scorching phoenix flames, and evaporated into smoke. go.

An isolated mountain on the island, a cave built in ancient times.
In the quiet alchemy room.
/At this moment, as that ray of light soared into the sky, the Twenty-Four Sword Intentions were condensed from the “Four Seasons Sword”, and after the sword intentions were harmoniously intertwined with each other, Chun Yuzhi’s transformation was unprecedented in his mind. Chu Weiyang, who had relaxed, suddenly became tense at the moment when the precious light in the mountain and river gui rose into the sky, and his energy and spirit became tense as never before.
At this time, Chun Yuzhi couldn’t care less about the shame and anger just now, and the clear voice flowed through Chu Weiyang’s mind like a mountain spring.
“Weiyang, relax. The more anxious you are about things in practice, the easier it is to make mistakes in your busy schedule. You have condensed the perfect twenty-four correct sword intentions of the “Four Seasons Sword”, and the Tao Diagram Vitality has gradually begun to emerge, suppressing the stagnant turbid evil, which means that your path itself has taken a solid step.
This furnace of elixirs is the icing on the cake. Since it is the icing on the cake, it has nothing to do with the real key to success or failure. Relax! Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. If you succeed, you will succeed. If you don’t succeed, the worst thing you can do is accumulate some treasures or find some information from elsewhere. At that time, it doesn’t matter if you have it or not! ”
/Although there was nothing new in Chun Yuzhi’s words, they were all things that Chu Weiyang knew well, but when there was another person’s voice that could try his best to comfort Chu Weiyang at such a critical time, Silence In a short time, a lot of restlessness in Chu Weiyang’s heart had been swept away.
Perhaps such comfort had already taken effect. At that moment, Chu Weiyang even had time to think about Chun Yuzhi’s affairs.
It’s a pity that the person who used to fight outside the Demon Suppressing Cave and scolded the elders of the Sword Sect with his brilliant Taoist voice, that domineering Chun Yuzhi, could one day open his mouth to appease people.
Nature plays tricks on people, that’s all.
With such emotion, Chu Weiyang also completely composed his thoughts. He immediately stood up, holding his breath and standing beside the Shanhe Gui, quietly looking at the red red color inside that was almost like jade fat. The thick “ointment” has an unprecedented abundance of spiritual light swirling in the fat, as if it were some kind of flowing jade.
Just looking at it like this, an unprecedented feeling of hunger surged into Chu Weiyang’s heart.
Immediately afterwards, Chu Weiyang pressed his hand on the smooth outer wall of the Shanhe Gui, carefully feeling the subtle changes in the medicine inside conveyed by the warmth and coolness of the mat