onstruction. In school, we must contribute our own strength. Some students said they want to be agricultural researchers and sing their youth in the fields. Some students said they want to engage in research on agricultural mechanization equipment to improve production efficiency and reduce the burden on farmers. , the students were in high spirits, and today’s activity was a complete success.

The bus has stopped at the place where you get off the bus. The teacher in charge was about to ask the monitors of each class to count the number of people getting on the bus. However, he saw seven or eight local men who looked like idle men gathered together and looked at the students passing by with unkind expressions. One of the bald men was standing next to a young woman holding a child.
“Who is it? Which one is it?” the bald man shouted angrily towards the young woman next to him.
“I haven’t seen you.” The young woman’s eyes missed Liu Changan. She originally just said casually that college students nowadays are very talkative. They even teased their sister-in-law who was older than them. She also remembered the name. After listening to that The classmates of the “lactation specialist” called him Liu Changan.
It never occurred to me that my husband had drunk some wine. I don’t know whether he was particularly angry or something else today, so he had to block him here.
There are so many people on the other side, not to mention college students. If they really make a fuss and things get serious, it will definitely be my husband’s side that suffers.
“Liu Changan, who is Liu Changan!” the bald man yelled, glaring at the people around him.
/Although many people knew Liu Changan, they were not stupid. At this time, some students couldn’t help but turn their heads and look away, but then immediately looked away.
/There are also people who are unhappy with Liu Changan and want to testify against Liu Changan, but Liu Changan is the one who beat up his classmates and student union cadres. If he testifies against Liu Changan now, will he still hang out in the school in the future?
“I am!” Liu Changan heard someone calling him and quickly raised his hand.
“You’re crazy!” Yan Qingcheng was startled and hurriedly tried to pull Liu Changan’s hand off. Regardless of whether she had any other relationship with Liu Changan, she was the monitor.
“Wait a minute.” The leading teacher stood behind Liu Changan. He reached out to stop Liu Changan and blocked the front, “What’s going on?”
“Your darling is Liu Chang’an! You’re a great college student. You’re teasing my guest, what do you think you should do?” The bald man came over, followed by the idle man behind him, and said to the classmates around him, “Everyone is civilized. Man, I’m only looking for him, Liu Changan, to tease the guests in my room! It’s none of your business, you should get in the car and leave, and leave!”
“I didn’t tease her.” Liu Changan shook his head.
“You didn’t tease her? You saw my guest nursing her baby, and you told her that you were a prolactinolo