ash of lightning, Taoist Taoist Qingyi’s face turned cold. The moment the palm was completely pressed, it turned into a small master’s handprint.

In an instant, when he looked again in silence, half-suspended in the air, the figures of the real dragon Qi Jie with seal scripts collapsed one after another. In the thick black clouds and mist, five-color dragon and jade seal scripts floated one after another. Ups and downs, carrying the charm of the world of mortals, in the strangulation and grinding of each other.
All the orderly evolution collapsed to the extreme.
That round of true sun mixed with countless jade seals among the lightning and stone fire, and they all collapsed with a pure storm of destruction!
In the fierce storm, the dusky ocean was stirred up into waves, stirred into the storm, and instantly turned into dust. Then, as it further dispersed, it turned into a curtain of dim yellow mist that fell down.
This curtain mixed with the majestic destructive aura of the collapse of the sky and the earth, separated the Taoist in Qingyi from the figure of the old Taoist.
And similarly, it was precisely under the collision of these mutual blows that the murderous thoughts in the minds of the Taoist Qingyi and the old Taoist were relieved. The tense atmosphere between each other, accompanied by the distance, Pulled away and eased.
It’s just that the Taoist in Qingyi, who had just eliminated a possible duel to the death, didn’t have much joy on his face at this moment.
This old Taoist has been chasing him for too long. For this reason, Taoist Qingyi can no longer carry out his duties of sitting in one sea area. Unable to bear the disturbance, he has to move towards another area with his dojo. Moved in the direction.
He has clearly taken advantage of the bloody battle with the old Taoist of Cexing Mountain in the past to steadily and firmly take a step further and firmly stand at the level of the Ancient Land Immortal.
/In today’s twilight world where Jiutian no longer exists, this is the pinnacle and ultimate of humane cultivation!
But he has such power, but he can’t defeat the old man! Even more to the contrary, because Taoist Tsing Yi raised thousands of true dragons in his body, this old Taoist even regarded Taoist Tsing Yi’s dojo as a “medicine field” for harvesting qi and blood!
However, it happens that it is precisely this mutual pull that makes Taoist Qingyi less able to take advantage!
On the contrary, as the old Taoist was going through this process, he actually took a lot of qi and blood medicines from the “medicine field” over time.
Those years and years have forced the old Taoist to precipitate, and the cycle of life and death has made the old Taoist sublime.
At this moment, accompanied by the Supreme Blood Flower Medicine, the old Taoist reappeared the Taoist body, form and spirit that were truly majestic in the past.
Almost every time they met, the old Taoist’s majestic cultivation, abyss-like aura, and increasingly weird and terrifying attack methods were all superior