ally become fuel and resources for all cultivators.

Especially Pei Wenli’s overcoming the tribulation, and Pei Wenli’s success in overcoming the tribulation.
On a practical level, it shook the fortunes between heaven and earth and the rotation of heavenly secrets. After him, it was not unprecedented, but a thousand-sail race!
Chu Weiyang nourished them, Chu Weiyang created them. Chu Weiyang relied on the bloody battle and the opening process of the golden world, absorbed the nutrients between life and death, and created the prosperity of Taoism in the three realms of Lingfu. Glory and prosperity.
Finally, it is at this moment that starting from Pei Wenli, regardless of success or failure, their leap at the top of the pole will essentially become Chu Weiyang’s creation of Taoism.
This is the feedback from Jiutian and Yaotian.
Not to mention, in this process, there are other cultivators besides Qing He and Gong Wanzhu. After Chu Weiyang perfected the concept of immeasurable tribulations, they also had to go through the cleansing of thunder tribulations. , was able to make up for this critical step of the true form method after already stationed in the divine realm.
This means a more advanced cultivation of Taoism and a more profound accumulation of talents and heritage.
This also means that in the process of overcoming the tribulation, the most profound and real shaking of the innate white jade mirror and the Taishang Bagua Furnace!
/That would be an unprecedented Taoist harvest for Chu Weiyang.
But it happened that during this process, Chu Weiyang showed great restraint.
In the process of the silent interweaving of the divine essence in the Purple Golden Toad Palace, Chu Weiyang sent messages to the cultivators one after another in the most compact and invisible way.
Qinghe and Gong Wanzhu’s journey to overcome the tribulation was about stopping in front of the door and having to take the leap.
For cultivators at the divine level, such a transformation step can be suppressed and extended by the dojo.
Chu Weiyang did not want to use overly clear and eye-catching changes in the cultivators to attract the attention of the thirty-six cultivators above Yuncheng and the two heavenly cultivators in the distant sky.
Even Qing He, Gong Wanzhu, and even Pei Wenli, who have successively attained the level of real people in the Taoist realm, even though they did not need to consolidate the foundation of Taoism because of the true form method, Chu Weiyang never taught them to shine in the twilight world. , and participated in the bloody fight.
Because of the transcendence of Taoism, it is also clearly reflected in the mutual attacks between ordinary gods and real people.
This is particularly evident in Song Qingxi.
The killing power of Song Qingxi’s “Tao Shu Sword” is even greater than that of many people whose cultivation realm is far superior to hers.
During the long process of crossing the sky, Song Qingxi could not draw his sword. Whenever he drew his sword, there would be monks bleeding!
As for today, Song