occurred to him, when Chu Weiyang walked out of the bedroom and the inn with the gift, the shopkeeper’s eyes showed a bit of surprise in addition to a bit of strangeness.

It seemed as if he was amazed, as if he was in awe for no reason, and finally he looked at Chu Weiyang, leaving only hesitation to speak.
At this time, under the strong sunshine at noon, even the slowly blowing sea breeze was much gentler; even when the sun hung directly above everyone’s heads, the gentlest sea breeze stopped and the moisture dispersed. After a while, the gloomy feeling that Daocheng brought to Chu Weiyang became more and more intense. Even because of the stasis of the sea breeze, the bloody smell that filled the air of Daodaocheng became stronger and stronger. Soon after, there was a stronger and stronger feeling. Unpleasant smell changes.
Chu Weiyang twitched his nose gently, put the sword behind his back with one hand, then covered his mouth and nose with his hand, and rolled up a thin Taoist book casually with his other hand, fanning the wind.
This Taoist book does not record any important matters between Jianzong and Tingchang Mountain. Perhaps Chu Weiyang spent a lot of money on food in just half a day. This is a note given by the innkeeper to the young man before he left. It contains It roughly records the livelihood matters in Daocheng, which is not exhaustive, but a simple look through it can at least teach Chu Weiyang to understand some vague outlines, so that he will not rush into the layers of fog without finding a clear direction.
In fact, you can know these things by asking Chun Yuzhi.
It’s just that they haven’t gotten along with each other to the point of harmony. There are still many areas where Chu Weiyang and Chun Yuzhi can continue to learn from each other.
He can certainly figure this out.
After all, whether it is Taoist books, magical swords, spiritual objects or the sword spirit itself, they are all completely controlled by Chu Weiyang. No matter what kind of loss it is, it is Chu Weiyang’s loss.
He was naturally able to understand the other side of Chunyu Zhi’s character.
After all, on that day when the earth dragon turned over, Chu Weiyang had a chance to escape. All the reasons were due to the glorious sound of the Tao that once echoed like thunder in the mountains, which was where he once stopped to practice. The most majestic and violent side of Chun Yuzhi at his peak state.
/After all, he was born in Tingchang Mountain, and it was the dojo established by Danxia’s mother who was killed from Chalcedony Henan. Even the most prominent side of Chun Yuzhi still has many tyrants who belong to the demonic monks!
Just as he was thinking this, a hazy and bizarre picture emerged in Chu Weiyang’s mind. Inside the lush greenery, there was a girl dancing gracefully against the rising sun.
Five phoenixes attract the phoenix, and hundreds of birds rise to the sun.
The “Five Phoenixes Attracting the Phoenix to Nanming Curse”, even this top-notch spell that directly guides Mingli Fire, the main purpose of th