iyang’s voice still sounded unhurriedly in the place.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll take this responsibility! Everything today will be decided by the outcome of the battle! In the end, whatever the outcome is, that’s the outcome! If there are people who don’t admit it afterward, I won’t be able to keep my mouth clean from thinking about it. Whoever gives you advice, it’s Pindao’s turn to fight him to the death!”
He said this as if he was taking responsibility, more like poking at the lungs of the cultivators of the Sword Sect.
Sure enough, the Taoist glared over again.
Chu Weiyang just smiled frivolously.
“It’s okay. If you are not convinced, after you have a game with fellow Daoist Lu, under the same rules, I can also play with you!”
But in the end, Chu Weiyang’s prestige was so great that the Taoist didn’t even respond. Instead, all the Sword Sect disciples stood up and followed the man to the courtyard behind the venue.
In the same place, behind Chu Weiyang, Lu Beihai also turned around and walked.
Even in this situation, Chu Weiyang’s faint voice still sounded.
“For some people, it’s best not to go on stage. After all, if anything can happen, you have to leave someone who has the final say in the audience. If you die, it will be troublesome.”
When these words were spoken, many of the Yuanmen monks were already twitching the corners of their mouths and suppressing smiles.
At this time, Yun Shouhe slowly walked to Chu Weiyang’s side.
“Fellow Taoist Five Poisons, this is a troubled winter, please calm down, calm down!”
Hearing this, Chu Weiyang just raised his eyebrows with a surprised look on his face.
“What is this, Fellow Taoist Yunshou said? Pindao came to the venue to ask the big guys to make the decision for Pindao. Now look at it, casual cultivators are still casual cultivators. Isn’t this a good thing?”
When Chu Weiyang heard this, he looked at Yun Shou’s face with a toothache that was visible to the naked eye.
“Fellow Taoist Yunshou, this is a last resort for a poor Taoist.”
Seeing Yun Shou’s face becoming more and more sad, the joking expression between Chu Weiyang’s eyebrows slowly faded away, and he turned to a calmer and calmer tone and spoke towards Yun Shou. Say something softly.
Just looking at the serious attitude, it seemed that Chu Weiyang was saying something from the bottom of his heart.
If it is the continuous improvement of Xuanzhen Baojian, the transformation of Yin spirits into divine forms one after another, and the changes brought to Chu Weiyang, in addition to the accumulation of the foundation of each cultivation path, it is the transformation of one person with thousands of faces. Yes, Chu Weiyang was taught that all his expressions were natural, as if they came from his mind.
And Chu Weiyang also understood that this “grand ceremony” where all the cultivators gathered was based on a disaster from the beginning. In addition, the Five Elements Sect and the Shenxiao Sect were reluctant hosts. The inner details of this “grand ceremony” are very fragile.
/Therefore, Chu We