hile his mind was wandering, Chu Weiyang wrinkled his nose, raised his brows, and his eye circles were red. Thinking back to the pain that had once flowed through the meridians throughout his body, tears suddenly fell down.

“Replying to the elder, I feel sorry for my master!
His old man’s name was Guo Dian, and he had lived a miserable life. In the days before he left, he didn’t even have a good meal. But despite this, he still passed on to me the “Five Zang Food and Qi Jing Jue”, and I took it. His own life was exchanged for mine.
In this life, no matter what level of practice I have reached or what achievements I have made, I will never forget my master, his kindness, and the time when he was dying, leaning on the cold stone, and telling me about me. Panwang Shengzong’s longing expression.
I don’t know if a kid like me who grew up in the wild can really be considered a disciple of my sect, but my master is really
When we were at the foot of the mountain just now, the senior brother told me that, by calculation, I should be of the Xuanming Danding lineage. I didn’t know what this meant, but I thought that senior brother Shengzong was right, so I Master, he should also be from the lineage of Xuan Ming Dan Cauldron.
Then this should be the place he has longed for all his life.
When I see this mountain, I think of my master. He was not able to see it with my own eyes. As a disciple, standing here now, I feel sorry for him for no reason! ”
At the end of his words, Chu Weiyang almost shouted in a hoarse voice.
On the spot, he didn’t know what he thought of. The old man suddenly lowered his head, blinked his dark eyes, and suddenly sighed to himself.
“Alas, the founder of the Xuanming Danding lineage, why is it that people from my lineage are always the ones who suffer the most in the Holy Sect?”
The elder sighed and stood there with his head lowered. Behind him were endless misty clouds, as vast as the sea, with no end in sight.
Against this backdrop of the boundless sea of ??clouds, the thin old man wearing a crimson robe and a crane feather cloak looked even smaller.
It was as if he was just the most remote and inconspicuous among all the creatures in this world, and as if the Qingding Peak beneath everyone’s feet was also the most remote and inconspicuous one in the Panwang Sacred Sect.
At first, Chu Weiyang was still immersed in sadness after mentioning Guo Dian.
As for how painful it was, sometimes when Chu Weiyang thought back, he even felt a certain sense of relief over Guo Dian’s death. The long-term suffering and hardship seemed to have made Chu Weiyang’s feelings rough and numb.
/And sometimes such emotions became the source of Chu Weiyang’s emotional pain.
Because of this, the whole person became more and more sad.
But at this moment, Chu Weiyang still had to gather his nerves and carefully deal with the Qingding Peak elder in front of him.
After suppressing his thoughts, the young man was about to speak when he glanced over and saw a deserted figure against the backdrop of the world and t