r named Lian’er.

In front of the two of them, the one kneeling on the ground in panic was a female cultivator named Qing He.
For a long time, no one spoke in the courtyard.
And Shi Yuting’s gloomy gaze seemed to contain real power. Under her long gaze, Qing He’s expression became more and more frightened, and he shrank and trembled. After a while, his whole body was shaking like chaff.
/After a long time, Shi Yuting’s voice sounded faintly.
“He’er, uncle, I haven’t looked at you so carefully in two years. I didn’t expect, I really didn’t expect, that the little baby who was so shy that he didn’t even dare to call me uncle has grown up now. , the grown-up teacher felt strange.
In just a blink of an eye, you can also be cunning, cut off the beard in front of your uncle, and eat food from other people’s bowls.”
Just as he was sighing like this, Shi Yuting seemed to be immersed in the sadness of the change of time. When he looked again, the look of fear on Qinghe’s face became more intense.
“Uncle, uncle”
Not daring to get up, Qing He walked awkwardly on the cold ground for a few steps, staggered and raised his hand to hug Shi Yuting’s leg.
But Shi Yuting only took a steady step back, and most of Qinghe’s body suddenly fell to the ground. When he stood up again, half of his face was gray, mixed with tears, and full of mud.
Shi Yuting looked down, his eyes showing no emotion at all, as if he was watching some poor performance.
/“He’er, this frown, this smile, this sad cry, it’s all what I taught you step by step. We never got to this point, and you don’t have to do this, lest you teach me to look down on you again, I didn’t It is necessary to resent you because of an outsider, but there is only one thing. He’er, you didn’t learn these improvements from me. There are good and bad in a dharma system. It’s just because of the skills you learned, most of them are. I despise it.”
When he said this, he saw a few tears on Qing He’s face suddenly stop, and he was completely confused.
Before she could think of anything else to say to make up for it.
Shi Yuting’s expression suddenly changed. As she turned her hands, she held a sky-blue jade talisman in her palm. She looked at it carefully. The aura on the jade talisman became stronger and stronger. Suddenly, the aura on the jade talisman became stronger. Cracks appeared, and in the next moment, the spiritual light dimmed, the treasure whined, and suddenly cracked.
Shi Yuting opened his mouth, his beautiful face full of surprise.
But the next moment, a bright smile bloomed on Shi Yuting’s face.
She raised her hand and let Miss Qinghe watch. The powder after the jade talisman collapsed flowed down from her fingers, and then disappeared silently in the wind.
“You see, this is his choice. According to the vast ancient history records to this day, not everyone’s cause and effect can be fulfilled, and not everyone can ride the wind in the disaster, but no matter how weak his cultivation is, this The ambition in it, the soaring meaning in it, are visible to me with the n