Zhongzhou has spread the reputation of Lu Minghai’s “humanoid Taoist treasure”.

But Uncle Shang was not optimistic about Lu Minghai’s request.
Others may not know it yet, but Uncle Shang, who has taken care of Lu Minghai since he was a child, knows that the fact that “Hunyuan Taoism itself has a big problem” has deeply affected Lu Minghai’s life since its discovery. Mental thoughts.
Too anxious.
/Even though Lu Minghai had maintained restraint and calmness throughout this matter, in Uncle Shang’s view, this restraint and calmness were actually just the inertial continuation of all Lu Minghai’s previous emotions.
Especially for a “Human Taoist” like Lu Minghai who had seen a lot in the past, 99% of the things in this world would not make him move, but once he encountered something that could change his mind, he would often It was extremely difficult to get rid of it. In fact, the more he pretended to be calm at this time, the more the thoughts in his mind had become a stubborn problem for Lu Minghai.
Moreover, after experiencing the successive battles with the two of them that day, and after experiencing Lu Minghai’s personal insight into the spells and seal scripts in the Kaitian method, Lu Minghai Xu also made his own judgment.
/The ancient rumors are wrong. The method of opening the sky may not be really old. There may be another reason why its legal system has been cut off over time.
And if the Hunyuan Method truly has fallacies and disharmony in its very essence, then for Lu Minghai, it might be too late to change his path in time.
But it was just too late.
After all, he missed a step. If he was in the foundation-building realm, even if he was at the peak of the foundation-building realm, Lu Minghai could easily refine his own Taoist foundation with secret methods, and it would not be difficult to change the Taoist method.
But he is now in the elixir realm. Even if he is entering the elixir realm for the first time, some of the roads he has traveled are destined to be impossible to go back.
Therefore, the difficulty of changing the path and changing the method is increasing, and the period left for him to seek opportunities has become very short. Even if he continues to cultivate deeply in the elixir realm, once he has practiced it, the Tao charm of the result will be It will be completely integrated into the essence of the physical body. At that time, perhaps changing the path and changing the method itself means irreparable shortcomings and disharmony in the results.
Shi Yuting’s experience is actually a clear proof of this. What she and her sixth uncle practice are still the same Tao and Dharma, but they are just different details of the Tao and Dharma that come from the same source. It is easier to force half the way. , Teacher Yuting of the capital city reached the peak of Dantai realm in one step and suffered from it at the same time.
Now, she had to hope that she could rely on Chu Weiyang’s “faculty” to teach her to completely master, tolerate and refine the Taoist arts, and then seek to open t