standing at the forefront of everyone, who is trying to combine the correct path and purity of this path. The principles are “taught” to Yun Han from this level.

She does not have the foundation and accumulation to master the method of thunder body training, but her energy, blood, muscles, bones, and even the meaning of the heart of heaven reflected by the demonic shadow of spiritual thoughts, deeply remember these!
Therefore, at this time, as the medicinal power of this whole set of treasure pills penetrated into Yunhan’s limbs and bones like a warm sun, Yunhan was able to clearly see through his limbs and bones through inner vision, and the entire inner world of heaven and earth. The sound of joy.
The joyous sound really existed, like the rush of blood, like the twisting of muscles, like the collision of joints. When the continuous sounds overlapped, they seemed like the thunder of the nine heavens.
The vibration of the thunder itself continuously washes away Yun Han’s Tao body, shaking away all the faint clutter, making the Tao body more and more harmonious and flawless, making the meaning of Tianxin Thunder linger in every breath. In the blood and every drop of blood marrow.
But this is a natural evolution after the connection between this whole set of treasure pills and the meaning of Tianxin Thunder.
/While Yun Han was devoting a small half of his mind to watch over the changes in the Tao body, he also had a larger half of his mind, which stayed in the Niwan Palace and on the spiritual platform.
She pulled the hot temperature that spread out from the treasure pill, as hot as the true sun of the sun, and also used the bright light to illuminate the soul origin of her Niwan Palace, so as to practice the key points of Xinggong of the Tianxin Lei method. , Yunhan pulled the blazing heat itself and went straight to his spiritual platform.
Such risky behavior is not haphazard.
Following Yunhan’s spiritual thoughts, in no time, in the gray-black mist lingering on the edge of the Niwan Palace, there was a faint light shining through the hole, which turned into a seal at the level of the soul and fell down, as if some kind of secret method was being used. , and then refine the fiery power first, and then turn it into some kind of power that can really temper people’s hearts, minds, and souls.
/After the blazing air waves seemed to condense into formless and twisted fireworks, when he looked again, in the center of the spiritual platform, amid the layers of smoke, there was a reflection of a divine form that did not belong to Yun Han!
That was the image of Chu Weiyang, but it had a certain overbearing connotation that Chu Weiyang had never shown before. It turned into a burly divine form, and just sitting there, it was as tall as three ordinary people. Wearing a large black Qiankun robe, if you take a moment to look away, you can still see the thunder and fireworks bathing around his upper body.
The Taoist closed his eyes tightly, but he seemed to be sitting on the Dharma altar on Yunhan’s altar. He entered in