lives in seven days. The main reason why the players have no scruples is because the Emperor of Heaven’s deep love for them has given them the magical power of unlimited resurrection.

“It’s time to take back benefits”
Lu Bei murmured, and the Tai Chi Diagram connected with the will of heaven, erasing all players’ personal panels in an instant.
At this time, a large number of players have touched the Void Refining Realm. After passing the integration period, they will usher in the catastrophe. One person cannot become a leader, but more and more players have passed this pit, not to mention the local monks and the Great Heavenly Lord. It’s too much to bear.
In order to prevent this group of inhumane guys from joining forces to contract the God List and maliciously suppress the local monks, Lu Bei erased the concept of personal panels and allowed players to compete fairly with local monks.
The world in their eyes is no longer like jelly. Even if they are beaten, they can feel the pain one to one. When they die, they are dead, and there is no possibility of resurrection.
In the future, players will have to rely on their understanding and qualifications to become immortals, or they will have to take advantage of others!
/“Don’t tell me that I won’t take care of you. The promotion device is ready for use.”
The promotion device is so important. In one lifetime, all that matters is that shiver. Lu Bei sighed at his kindness and invited Mo Buxiu to keep an eye on it.
In case the player is not a good person and discovers that the leather pipe is useful, he will go around doing evil. In the future, the frequency of thunder must be frequent. If any irregularity is found, he will be sent directly back to Blue Star.
Lu Bei is in favor of free love. If you can make a soft living with hard work, that’s because you have the ability. God’s rules and regulations can’t control it. But if you want to be the king, don’t blame Grandpa Lei for sneezing.
The concept that there is a god at the top of one’s head and that good and evil will be rewarded must be deeply rooted in people’s hearts.
Lu Bei didn’t do anything. He was still obsessed with the blue star, so he was lenient with his fellow villagers. Players could still log in to the game and enter the physical bodies of the four major divine states through spiritual links.
/They can choose to stay in the four major Chinese states forever, or they can choose to go online and offline on time from nine to five. Lu Bei will not interfere with this.
But once they die, players must make a choice, whether to start reincarnation in the Kyushu Continent and bid farewell to Blue Star’s past completely, or return to Blue Star to practice until they ascend before entering the four major divine states.
Cultivation is not easy, and every step is extremely difficult. Players have enjoyed too many benefits, and now it is time to return to fairness.
The personal panel was created by Tiandao. Lu Bei has confirmed this many times. To give the simplest example, when Tiandao captured the Demon