eeing Lu Bei mentioning business, Bai Jin put aside his distracting thoughts and asked doubtfully: “The dual cultivation of Yuan Shen is progressing rapidly. So, can’t you comprehend the Immortal Sword Intent?”

Lu Bei said: “If it were true that dual cultivation of Yuan Shen could master it, everyone on Tianjian Peak would sit down and discuss the Tao and contribute their sword intent to each other, and they would have already merged into the Immortal Sword Intent.”
“Junior brother, do you have a solution?”
“We can’t talk about it, but we can give it a try.”
Lu Bei nodded seriously: “Last time in Xianzhou, a friend of the Huangji Sect recommended a secret book to me. The paintings are so skillful. Bah, I mean, the content is broad and profound. Junior brother, when I read it every night, I feel deeply moved by the book. People are wise and far-reaching. Fellow practitioners like you and I, it won’t take long for you to master the Immortal Sword Intent.”
And such a good thing!
Bai Jin became interested, and with Jian Xin eager to try it, he urged Lu Bei to take out the secret book and look at it.
“Here, this is it.”
/Lu Bei quickly took out the skill book, but when he saw the picture, there were five big characters of Yin and Yang Separation Technique.
Bai Jin opened it with joy, then closed it with a blushing face, turned his head and looked aside, and gave Lu Bei a beautiful back of his head.
The secret book is a good thing, but the pictures are a bit straightforward, and serious people would read it with the lights off.

“Senior sister, don’t get me wrong. I don’t have any dirty thoughts. I’m really thinking about you and I don’t want to take advantage.”
Lu Bei explained sincerely: “My friend’s name is Zhu Xun, the chief minister of the Xianzhou Emperor’s Sect, and it’s a deep friendship forged with fists and kicks. His wife’s name is Xia Yuechan, and she is the chief minister of the Xianzhou Emperor’s Sect. People have an exquisite art of combined attack. Not only are their minds connected, but they can also borrow each other’s skills. I asked, all thanks to practicing this book.”
Bai Jin was quite moved when he heard these words, but
It was too shameful and impossible. She persuaded Lu Bei to give up on this idea.
Lu Bei sighed, and a ray of immortal sword intent entered, which fascinated Bai Jin. He said to himself: “Sister, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you. After all, a strong melon can only quench your thirst for a moment. Sweetness depends on long-term love, don’t you think?”
There was something in the words, Bai Jin nodded first, then woke up and shook his head again and again.
She suppressed Lu Bei’s irregular hand: “How profound the Immortal Sword Intent is, how can it be analyzed by this unworthy book? Junior Brother, if you really mean it, you shouldn’t use this method to deceive me.”
After saying that, he touched Lu Bei’s head like an elder, trying to get rid of the senior sister’s majesty and overwhelm him with momentum.
However, it