ed a sigh of relief. Even if Mingren didn’t tell secrets, he couldn’t hold it anymore. Not only him, Zhulong, Master of Ten Thousand Ways, and Abandonment Jing were all in a dilemma of physical and mental exhaustion.

Like the clouds turning into rain, the phantom of the emperor raised his head majestically in all directions, and he was already lying on the ground kicking his legs.
Three thousand is three thousand, it’s better than getting nothing at all!
/When Lu Bei saw that he was good, he stopped. The Heavenly Emperor and his Dharma conspired to cast five-color light, and the innate essence of the five elements took over the three thousand worlds. After the stable earth, fire, water, and wind, the five elements continued to grow and cycle to create all things.
This move is very similar to that of the demon phoenix, which is in line with the saying that all things are unified. However, the innate spirit of the five elements is more domineering than the demon phoenix, and it can evolve three thousand worlds at once.
It can’t be done!
Lu Bei’s eyes were red. He tried his best to exert his last strength, and at the same time squeezed out the last remaining strength of the way of heaven. The Tai Chi diagram fell on the golden bridge, calming down the remaining earth, fire, water and wind, transforming the power of yin and yang and the five elements, and dividing the sea of ??laws.
The constructed framework slowly took shape, avoiding the disaster of earth, fire, water, and wind returning to destroy the world.
Thunder falls from the sky, whipping up the ecstasy and bone-crushing wind, like a monk going through tribulations. One disaster after another comes one after another, testing the new three thousand worlds and forging them to be more stable.
I don’t know how long it took, but a burst of life broke the dead silence, the punishment from heaven faded away, and the innate energy was born in the three thousand worlds.
The vitality of heaven and earth, spiritual energy, spiritual veins, mountains and rivers
The Three Thousand Worlds will gain infinite vitality!
“My way has been accomplished!”
Lu Bei shouted loudly, and the Heavenly Emperor’s Faxiang raised the Heavenly Emperor’s Great Seal. The magnificent power of the three thousand worlds gathered to reshape the Heavenly Emperor’s Great Seal and reestablish the power of the Heavenly Emperor.
The Emperor of Heaven, Lu Bei, has endured countless tribulations and is unbroken, ruling all the heavens.
The surging magic power sweeps across the heaven, earth, universe, endless time and space
The boundless power of the new life in Lubei is projected onto the Kyushu continent. High in the sky, a pair of eyes descends to overlook the common people:
“From now on, I will be the Great Heavenly Emperor of Heaven. All the talk of the Nine Provinces Continent is a thing of the past. It is divided into four major divine states and is called the Great World of Zhongtian.”
“The laws of the three realms are reestablished, and immortality is reshaped!”