olling in the Liangjie Pool seems to never stop.

In the blink of an eye, twelve golden bodies of incense flew out.
It hasn’t stopped yet!
The eyes of the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth ‘Qingxia Daojun’ changed.
The person below doesn’t know what he did to give birth to such a terrifying and flawless incense.
After a moment, ‘Qingxia Daojun’ took a deep breath, and followed the last golden stream of light flying into the golden incense lamp, only to see more than one hundred and ninety golden haloes filling the golden incense lamp.
That’s nineteen million flawless incense.
This time it was half as much as last time!
‘Qingxia Daojun’ looked at the incense palace lantern with its brilliant golden light, as if it was about to be promoted to an acquired spiritual treasure, and took a deep breath in his heart.
How can this be repaid?
At the same time, she stared closely at the two realm pools.
The strange omens in the Two Worlds Pool have not yet subsided.
Hoho! !
However, at this time, a majestic dragon roar came from the two realms pool, and then the clear and clear phoenix call emerged from inside.
The phantoms of dragons and phoenixes intertwined and formed, swimming in the depths of the void.
Boom! !
In an instant, he saw deep in the sky, and there were countless rules of heaven and earth descending from the void.
“Life and death, reincarnation, space, destiny, earth”
Just taking a look at it, ‘Qingxia Daojun”s scalp was numb. She was sure that the value of the baby that would be born next would definitely be extraordinary.
‘Qingxia Daojun’ knew deeply at this moment that he was completely finished.
The value of this kind of treasure is definitely not low.
It’s not that easy to repay.
Sure enough, soon after, in the depths of the void, an innate charm was born from the Two Worlds Pond.
A special innate meritorious treasure emerged.
Dragons and phoenixes intertwined, purple dragons and green phoenixes.
Deep in the core, a treasure book of intertwined purple and green colors emerged from the dense purple air.
Four heavenly divine seals appeared on the treasure book.
Divine light emanates, and authority is thick.
Even ‘Qingxia Daojun’ couldn’t help but be moved by it.
In terms of value, this treasure is probably still higher than the last Five Dragon Mace.
‘Qingxia Daojun’ couldn’t help but feel curious. She took it into her hands and refined it a little. In an instant, the mystery of this treasure fell into her heart.
Her expression was solemn, and there was a hint of joy in her eyes.
“The Purple Green Treasure Book, or the Treasure Book of Merit!”
This is also an innate meritorious treasure that is forbidden by the gods.
The function of this treasure is very simple. You only need to record your name in the treasure book to obtain blessings from the Great Path of Merit.
/It may not be of much use at ordinary times, but if you add a name at a critical moment, you may be able to turn danger into good luck and escape from death.
There is no doubt that this is a valuable treasu