yes, and quickly rushed to the garrison’s outpost.

yes, and quickly rushed to the garrison’s outpost.
This is the only military camp in the north of the city, and it is also guarded by part-time security team soldiers. Victor’s station is here.
/When Ivan was building the city, he didn’t seem to have considered that the enemy might come from the north. The camp was pitifully small, just four or five acres in area, with 120 people stationed inside, and a tall fort. Surveillance attic.
Next to the camp, there is a dense area of ??merchants and some rich and powerful manors. Strictly speaking, Beicheng is the rich area of ??Smuke. Even the courtyard where Zhang Laoshi rents is located in the north of the city.
This is the area that the Chinese people focus on attacking. Although it is not as heavily guarded as the religious churches and military camps, there are so many powerful forces that it is normal for one or two real people to pop up randomly.
However, when Li Yongsheng arrived, the outpost had been slaughtered. From time to time, real people flew over Beicheng. Wherever there was a stalemate, the real people flew over and killed them. The situation was under control.
In a hurry, Li Yongsheng unexpectedly met Master Fang. Master Fang was also covered in a black scarf, but the nine-tailed fox flag in his hand was an obvious sign.
When Master Fang saw someone coming, he was about to meet the enemy. The white light on the nine-tailed fox flag flashed slightly, and he knew who it was.
He spoke quickly, “There is no problem here. The west of the city needs support. There are too few people there.” There
are no unsightly targets in the west of the city, but there are several places where high-end slaves are sold. In addition to beautiful female slaves, there are also some high-level cultivators. Slaves are high-end goods, so they are located in the city.
All said and done, there were still too few Chinese people to launch a night attack. More than a hundred people wanted to not only attack the Red Valley but also important places in the city, and a group of people were also released outside the city.
If you think about it, you can see that there were only four real men and six cultivators who attacked the two military camps. Needless to say, how stretched the number of cultivators in China was.
/Of course, there is no way around this. Ivan’s trip is full of crises this time, and he may very well escape death. Li Yongsheng thought of this when he summoned people. Everyone knows that it is better to have more people, but he must use elite tactics.
Moreover, everyone underestimated the west of the city. Even Li Yongsheng, who was looking for support, did not think of running to the west of the city to take a look.
In fact, their estimate of Chengxi is not too low. There are two masters, six division cultivators and more than 20 production cultivators. Among these masters, there is also an experienced master from Beiji Palace, and Si Xiu Li. There are two maids who are full of fragrance.
However, everyone still miscalculated. In order to guard ag