g Hongdou, so he gave Li Yongsheng a bone shaping pill – Taogong did not take advantage of this.

g Hongdou, so he gave Li Yongsheng a bone shaping pill – Taogong did not take advantage of this.
Therefore, Doctor Dou understood very well what it meant that Li Yongsheng allowed him to copy the prescription. He bowed deeply to the doctor excitedly, “Thank you, little friend.”
“No need, it’s just a prescription,” Li Yongsheng said He turned sideways and said with a smile, “Is such a big gift going to shorten my life?” ”
I am here to thank you for the intestinal carbuncle patients in the world,” Doctor Dou replied sternly, “Every year because of intestinal abscess, I don’t know how many people have died from carbuncle. If you come up with this prescription, the merits are infinite!”
Li Yongsheng smiled faintly, “The so-called good doctor means that there will never be patients in the world.”
Doctor Dou did not expect that the other party was so young. He was stunned for a moment to be able to say such a thing before he said again, “Although I know it’s a bit excessive, I still hope that you can help explain this prescription?”
He originally only wanted the prescription, but when he saw that the other party was easy to talk to, he added Make such a request.
Do you know it’s too much? Li Yongsheng glanced at him, thought for a while, and replied with eight words, “Whoever learns from me will live, and whoever resembles me will die.”
After saying that, he turned around and left, feeling a little proud: these words should be more pretentious. Forced, right?
After walking out of the door, someone who had just finished pretending to be cool raised his hand and slapped his forehead: Damn it, I forgot to mention the bicycle.
/However, it was not the right time to talk about this today. The next moment, he found a reason for himself: The little girl was so sick, the Jiang family would definitely not be in the mood to talk about it
/. After he left, Doctor Dou also froze there, “Learn from me.” Life, what does it mean to be like me and die?”
There is no allusion. Just listening to this sentence, most people really can’t figure out the taste.
However, Yin Xiahe understood. She said on the side, “Isn’t this simple? Li Yongsheng doesn’t explain the prescription. He wants you to think about it yourself and find out his ideas for prescribing, instead of simply imitating his prescription.”
Doctor Dou slapped his forehead and said in sudden realization, “It’s true, Chief Yin is really smart.” ”
I said, why don’t you quickly take the prescription and go back to ask for advice?” Jiang Kanhai saw that this guy was flattering him. He loved his wife, and felt a little bit disgusted in his heart, “But you can stay as an assistant, what if there is a recurrence at night?”
After hearing this, Dr. Dou quit, “We are too hospital people, we also have to work at night. I’m off work.”
“It’s boring to say that,” the child’s grandfather said in support. “You have to copy the prescription. Why are you fussing over such a trivial matter?”
“Okay,” the old lady also spoke up, “the child has used this. Don’t you have t