getting off the battleship, Zhu Peng will be busy. If he wants to be intimate again, he doesn’t know how long it will take.

At the same time, in the Blood Soul Ridge, the Kunlun faction was stationed.
“Senior Sister, the power of this Blood Soul Ridge is really unimaginable. There are tens of thousands of extinct divine cannons, thousands of spirit-level puppet machines, and close to ten high-level monks at the Foundation Establishment Realm. Such strength and such potential for war. , even most of the sects in the Grade A spiritual land are hard to compare with. It is indeed a giant force that dominates a Grade B spiritual land, and it should not be underestimated.”
In the elegant and unique pavilion, three young and beautiful Kunlun female disciples were laughing and talking. They were surrounding an elegant and fairy-like woman, serving her daily life and food. Their clear eyes were full of admiration and admiration. satisfy. It’s just because Nangong Wan is extremely beautiful, not only in appearance and figure, but also in her manner and temperament, which is incomparable to most women in the world.
At this time, a female cultivator wearing gold-rimmed glasses held a document and reported to Nangong Wan the power structure and war potential of the entire Blood Soul Ridge while conducting her own evaluation and analysis. But her overly complimentary words made another female cultivator present unhappy.
/The female cultivator with a slightly round face frowned and waved her hand, saying dissatisfiedly: “If the Blood Soul Ridge was really that powerful, it would not have allowed the Blood Soul City to be destroyed one after another, killing hundreds of thousands of mortals. That giant city is surrounded by It’s overflowing with blood and resentment, and it’s really filthy. I don’t see this country bumpkin force that made its fortune with the Foundation Establishment Pill as half as good as you said, Momo.”
The female cultivator with a round face said this and wanted to continue, but was stopped by Nangong Wan, who had been silent.
“Momo was a third-degree graduate student in business management, market research and intelligence analysis at a top secular college. Her analysis of the entire Blood Soul Ridge’s forces from the perspective of war potential was very inspiring to me, and Blood Soul is by no means a country bumpkin force. That’s it, it was already a behemoth before the end of the world, and it was a well-known force in the True Spirit Alliance of the Earth Star Monk World back then. At that time, they didn’t have a foundation-building elixir to rely on.”
Nangong Wan’s gentle and gentle words directly told the round-faced female cultivator that she had lost her temper. However, she had been doted on by Nangong Wan for a long time, and she was still mumbling a little to support herself. “If the Blood Ridge is really as powerful as Senior Sister and Momo said, then why can’t even a few mortals protect it, and let the Blood City outside be destroyed one after another, leaving hundreds of thousands of