ere is a lot of news in the entire Kador star field. He needs to make a choice among them. This is an extremely complex and professional task.

He has to study the tastes and psychology of the audience, which he has always done well, and this has made him extremely famous in the industry.
Cripps is also extremely bold, and he dares to report some sensitive news. This also makes his name appear in the system of the federal investigation department, and he is a group of journalists who are of special concern.
Perhaps David did not expect that the contact numbers of tens of thousands of reporters he found were the same reporters who had troubled the federal investigation department.
Cripps, who was concentrating on his work, suddenly felt the vibration of his ID bracelet. He couldn’t help but feel annoyed, but he still checked the ID bracelet.
He would turn off the message reminder of his identity bracelet when he was working. At this time, the reminder of his identity bracelet forced him to check it.
There is an anonymous message on the ID bracelet, and there is only a video in the message.
Cripps opened the video with curiosity, and he saw an image that made him unbelievable. A respected scholar in the Federation was actually cultivating the Zerg, and he was also cultivating the Zerg king.
Cripps has a deep understanding of the Zerg. He has made relevant reports before, so he knows better that once the ‘Hunter Mantis King’ cultivated by Gerald Scholar is discovered by the Zerg, it is very likely that the ‘Hunter Mantis King’ will be used by the Zerg. ‘The king’s gene can more easily produce the Zerg king.
He quickly cut out the news that was about to be broadcast and replaced it with this video of unknown origin. This is his character and he insists on the truth.
Almost at the same time that Cripps acted like this, tens of thousands of reporters came to the Cador Star Territory, the Iridia Star Territory, and the Volgo Star Territory, the three star territories relatively close to the Rock Star. Like Cripps, they all posted the video edited by David.
Hundreds of billions of people watched the edited video, triggering a dramatic impact.
Unlike planets in war zones, the more peaceful a planet is, the more intolerable it is to this kind of behavior. At least on the surface, this kind of darkness cannot be tolerated.
When Scholar Gerald’s secret training of the ‘Hunter Mantis’ king came to light, Scholar Gerald was flying away from the war zone in a spaceship.
But he could never reach his destination. Just as his spaceship broke away from the speed of light, a missile accurately hit the spacecraft.
The truth was forever concealed, and Scholar Gerald in the foreground also paid the price.
No one knows the true origin of the items David obtained from the secret institute.
/But at this time, David had no idea what impact his casual choice would have. Even after that, more people related to Scholar Gerald would be traced.
After David sent out the edited video, he cleaned up the traces of use, and then withdrew