reason to return it.

“This is my world, let’s call it ‘Battle Star World’!” David said to himself.
With a wave of his hand, the Battle Star World was no longer blocked from the three major worlds. The Interstellar Federation, the Divine World, and the Zerg World all saw a new star field.
“What happened to this star field?” The general of the federal military stared blankly at the scanning device in front of him. He could not imagine that in a short period of time, the battle star had undergone earth-shaking changes.
Where did those extra planets come from? Did someone move the planets? What kind of power is this!
“Is that General David?” The general saw a figure standing in space in the scanned picture, and that face was none other than General David.
After confirming the identity of General David, the federal military immediately reported Generalissimo Andre.
At this time, President Biddle was giving a presidential speech to all citizens, and Generalissimo Andrei sent a message to President Biddle.
President Biddle, who was speaking, glanced at the identity bracelet with a special reminder. The serious expression on his face disappeared and was replaced by excitement and joy.
“The abnormal tremors that occurred throughout the Federation this time have been determined to originate from the Battle Star. In every era, Federation heroes will appear. When the Federation was in danger, Admiral David went to the Battle Star to stabilize the war. Star, saved the Interstellar Federation, please remember the name David Kerr, this is the pride of the Federation!” President Beadle said loudly.
Almost 99% of the people on the planets of the Interstellar Federation were watching President Videl’s speech.
The abnormal vibration made everyone panic. Now President Biddle’s words made everyone feel relieved, and they cheered David’s name loudly.
In the great world of gods, the five great gods including the ‘God of War’ are also looking at David standing in space.
Although David’s face had changed back to his original appearance, the ‘God of War’ still recognized him as Arthur at a glance.
Now he can no longer be called a demigod, Arthur has become a god.
“It seems we need to discuss how to get along well with Arthur!” ‘The God of War’ said with a helpless smile.
/The five great gods can all sense the aura coming from David. The aura is so powerful that it exceeds the peak god level they have ever seen, and the aura has unimaginable power to destroy everything.
David had just been promoted and had not yet stabilized his aura, but the five gods noticed something.
David felt the gaze from the ‘God of War’, and his figure appeared very close to the five gods in a flash.
“I have seen five gods. From today on, this is my Battle Star world!” David announced in a deep voice.
Only then did the ‘God of War’ regain his perception and discovered the difference from the original Battle Star. In his perception, the Battle Star Domain did not have an extra planet, but became an independent world.
“Arthur, you gave birth to a ne