r on the outer wall was getting bigger and bigger.

And as the area of ????black became larger, the speed of diffusion became faster. After just a few breaths, the ‘Space War Temple’ was dyed black.
David was also paying attention to the situation at the space gate, but it was beginning to have the influence of the ‘Mist Divine Technique’ and the ‘Hidden Thunder Divine Technique’. He could not let his spirit get close to the space gate, so he could only observe from a distance with the eyes of Shadow Warrior. .
In fact, it is not difficult for Shadow Warrior to enter the mist of the ‘Mist Magic’.
Because Shadow Warrior’s invisibility is on another layer of space, not the same layer as the main world, the fog of the main world cannot have any impact on it.
But David didn’t think it was necessary, and he was also worried that the ‘blasphemy bug’ might be harmful to Shadow Waiter.
When it became dark near the space door, David more carefully controlled the Shadow Warrior to stay away from that area.
He saw the temple’s method of dealing with the ‘blasphemy bugs’. The divine fire generated using the power of faith did have a certain effect on the ‘blasphemy bugs’.
The miserable howls of dozens of ‘blasphemy bugs’ could tell that the divine fire was quite effective, but David couldn’t figure out how the ‘blasphemous bugs’, which were only at level five, could withstand the divine fire emitted by fourteen space temples. .
A ‘blasphemous insect’ that had not reached level five could not persist for long. After being burned by the divine fire, the black color on the insect’s body completely disappeared, and its insect body turned into the color of an ordinary insect.
Without the protection of black, this ‘blasphemous insect’ could not hold on for even one breath in the divine fire, and turned into ashes.
Shadow Warrior almost instinctively wanted to absorb the soul. David was well prepared and forcibly suppressed Shadow Warrior’s impulse.
At the moment when the soul of this ‘blasphemous insect’ appeared, a will of the world appeared, crushing and disappearing the soul that had just escaped from the insect body.
David’s expression tightened. The will of the world was extremely weak, and even those with weak soul strength could not sense the emergence of the will of the world.
It was hard for David to imagine what kind of soul it would take to allow the will of the world to appear and destroy it.
This shows that the soul made the world’s will feel extremely repelled, and that’s why the world’s will took the initiative to appear.
/After discovering this, David controlled Shadow Waiter more carefully and could not let Shadow Waiter absorb such a soul, otherwise the consequences would be really unpredictable.
In the main hall of the ‘Space War Temple’ whose surface was dyed black, the statue of the God of War, which shone faintly, suddenly shone brightly.
The priests and priests in the ‘Space War Temple’ saw the changes in the statue and began to pray to it crazily. The chants of the God of War’s “Book of Gods” re