e many legendary knights in Xiang’s hands, and the demigod ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ could also be dispatched.

But he had no such choice. With his reputation in the divine world, it would definitely not be an ordinary person who dared to be so provocative.
/Although there is no publicity, among the powerful circles of the top nobles, there are many people who know that Lord Arthur fought with the God of War and won the battle, and that there are many people who have the strength to kill six fourth-level sky knights at the same time. Also included in this circle.
David even wondered if it was another trap arranged by the temple, but it didn’t look like this.
David has just maintained relations with all five major temples. Although it cannot be said to be a good relationship, at least it is not antagonistic.
At the Temple of War, it is impossible for the God of War to change his attitude so quickly and set up a trap against him again. As for Archbishop McIntyre, even with his courage, he would not dare to do such a thing.
The same is true for the other four major temples. Without the order of the gods, the archbishops would not do such a thing in private. As for the gods going back on their word, it is even more impossible.
At least the five great gods disdain to do such a thing. As the five great masters of the divine world, they will not do anything that damages the name of the gods.
/So David was very curious as to who wanted to deal with him.
If it is not the five major temples, then at least one thing is certain, that is, the person who took action did not know that he mobilized the three major gods to engage in a divine war with the God of War.
Or maybe this was not an action against him at all, he had this suspicion in his mind.
David’s figure flashed and appeared in front of the planet-level portal. The black dragon Alexis on his shoulder was resting, followed by the demigod ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ in his shadow.
With such strength, as long as he didn’t meet the God of War, he would have the confidence to fight. Even if he really did meet the God of War, with the innate ability of ‘Breaking Sky’, the chance of escaping was still very high.
As the space flashed, he had arrived at the planet-level portal of Star Liton without alerting anyone else. His talent of ‘Breaking Sky’ was activated, and he appeared again next to Tije Island.
The ‘Breaking Sky’ talent ability was positioned at the location where the six resurrected fourth-level sky knights fell. When he came out of the space passage, he saw Tije Island, which was like a sea of ??thunder.
“Sir, be careful, I smell a very faint breath of the gods!” Black dragon Alexis recovered from his rest, looked at Tiget Island and sniffed again to remind him.
“So an evil god is causing trouble in my territory?” David said with awe in his eyes.
For gods, he does not have the same sense of awe as others. He was not born in the world of gods, and he is born with a lack of fear of gods. Not to mention the strength of him and his subordinates, they can already face th