of the ‘Emperor-Level Inheritance Pattern’, the ‘Mother Queen’ tried to communicate with the ‘Half Spider Emperor’ through the connection of souls.

But there was no way to communicate with the ‘Half Spider King’, so it was 100% certain that the ‘Half Spider King’ had died.
Although I had seen the scene in the ‘Half Spider King”s lair before, coupled with the ‘Half Spider King’s’ distress signal, I could tell that the ‘Half Spider King’ had been killed.
However, before seeing the body of the ‘Half Spider King’, the Zerg Gods still felt a little lucky.
“Do you know who did it? It’s okay to guess, at least we have a target to track down!” the ‘Sky Fire Phantom Butterfly Emperor’ asked in a deep voice.
The rest of the Zerg gods were somewhat silent, and they were unable to answer this question.
/“It’s the demigod Arthur!” ‘Mother Queen’ said bitterly.
The tone of ‘Mother Queen’ is very certain, and it seems to have great confidence.
“Mother Queen, are you so sure?” the Sky Fire Fantasy Butterfly Emperor asked in disbelief.
Although demigod Arthur is a wanted criminal in the Zerg world, and even launched a world war for demigod Arthur, it is also suspected that demigod Arthur is related to the ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Pattern’.
As for how powerful the demigod Arthur is, there is no actual evidence.
Even if the demigod Arthur and the black dragon Alexis want to kill the ‘Half Spider King’ instantly in the ‘Half Spider King”s lair, it is impossible.
“My combat body has fought against the demigod Arthur. Although the demigod Arthur is not powerful, the artifact in his hand has a lethal effect. At the same time, his energy destructive power is also extremely powerful. He can instantly break through all defenses. As long as he fights with Black Dragon Ya If Alexis cooperates well, it is possible to achieve an instant kill. This is how my battle body was destroyed by their cooperation!” The ‘Mother Queen’ expressed her judgment in a deep voice.
The ‘Mother Queen’ has not announced the destruction of her combat body to the public, but some of the Zerg Gods have speculated.
Now that they heard the confirmation from the ‘Mother Queen’, they felt sad in their hearts.
“It’s just that I didn’t expect that demigod Arthur would be so bold as to enter the lair of the ‘Half Spider King’ and kill the ‘Half Spider King’. I’m afraid that the strength of demigod Arthur will be enhanced.” , otherwise he would not have such confidence!” ‘Mother Queen’ continued.
“Mother Queen, this is not direct evidence!” the Ice Silkworm Emperor said softly.
From the perspective of the ‘Ice Silkworm Emperor’, the ‘Mother Queen’ had this idea more because she became obsessed with the demigod Arthur after her battle body was destroyed.
Not only the ‘Ice Silkworm Emperor’, but also the other god-level expressions of the Zerg race.
“demigod Arthur will take away all the items on site every time. This is his style, as well as the ‘imperial inheritance pattern’. I have a strong suspicion that demigod Arthur is cultivating his own god level!”‘ T