there will be voices of dissatisfaction within the Zerg.

The agreement already had consequences for the ‘Half Spider Queen’ to take action at the level of the ‘Half Spider Queen’. The death of the ‘Half Spider Queen’ was an obvious revenge. It wouldn’t be a problem if the ‘Half Spider Queen’ stopped her before taking revenge, but the result is already like this. If it takes action again, it will violate the agreement.
The agreement was made to protect this space, and no one wanted to break it.
The phantom turned into a big hand and grabbed all seven people, flying towards the sky.
The speed of the big hand was extremely fast, and the air seemed to have no resistance to the big hand. David also understood the reason why the shadow of the ‘Half Spider Queen’ arrived so quickly.
“Boy, what did you do to make the Spider Queen more angry than killing its offspring?” The flying shadow asked curiously.
/“Your Highness, he is David. He cut off a finger of the Spider Queen!” Baron Dubois glanced at David and answered on his behalf.
He wanted to keep David a secret, but when His Highness asked this question, Baron Du Bois did not dare to lie and could only answer truthfully.
“Haha, what a good boy, no wonder the Spider Queen has such an expression!” Xuying said with a hearty laugh.
David tried his best to show respect. Facing such a strong man, he felt that the muscles in his whole body were tightening uncontrollably. He believed that if he was not supported by big hands at this moment, he would not even be able to control his body.
Unlike the previous confrontation with the ‘Half Spider Queen’ through the space wormhole, this was a direct confrontation with the shadow. It was not easy for him to maintain his current state with his terrifying aura.
“I forgot, you are still just a soldier!” Xuying also noticed David’s state and calmed down and said.
David felt a lightness all over his body, and he regained control of his body.
The shadow didn’t speak again, and Baron Du Bois didn’t dare to speak on his own initiative, let alone anyone else.
The big hand blocked the situation outside, and the seven people were held in the palm of the big hand. The rest did not know where they were, but David saw the situation outside through the shadow attendant.
If the krypton crystal engine on the battle star can be operated at full speed, then this speed is equivalent to a full-speed battleship. Of course, due to air resistance, if the battleship uses this speed, it will cause damage to the body. This speed cannot be used for a long time. maintained.
But the big hand that turned into a shadow was different. David looked at the distance that they had traveled only a few days ago, but the big hand took them to fly over in a very short time.
After less than half an hour of flying, David saw a familiar defense line.
Five kilometers away from the defense line, the big hand suddenly withdrew. Fortunately, those wrapped in the big hand were not weak.
The three extraordinary beings were instantly equipped with ‘extraordinary armor’