Anderson’s body.

The fire flashed forward, jumped over the side of the ship, and fell on the gray-black pieces of flesh made up of countless corpses.
Then, a blazing white glow quickly traveled across the surface, as if he was painting to the extreme.
With a roar, fireworks soared into the sky, and Anderson jumped back to the deck with a black dagger in hand.
The huge monster was still frozen there, seemingly losing all its vitality.
Click, click, click. Bottomless wounds appeared on its surface, splitting into countless small pieces of flesh in a second.
The attack power of the “Reaper” is really exaggerated. Klein, who had adjusted his belongings, had just returned to the window when he saw this scene.
/Suddenly, his brows frowned slightly.
At this moment, a sudden change occurred, and the split pieces of flesh stretched out their “hands and legs” in various ways, and ejected towards the deck of the “Future” in an overwhelming manner.
This huge gray-black attacker seems to never be killed. Cut it into as many pieces as you can, and it can turn into as many monsters as you want.
Silently, a mass of gray-black flesh jumped up on the deck opposite the captain’s room. It went straight towards the “Star Admiral” and wanted to wrap the opponent’s head.
A figure emerged from the darkness and stood in front of Cattleya. It was the “Bloodless One” Histoll.
His mouth opened, and the sides split, from the nose to the chest and abdomen, and soon formed a “whirlpool” of flesh and blood slowly moving.
The “whirlpool” sucked in the gray-black piece of flesh, then quickly rolled inward, wrapping it inside the body.
Histoll fell to the deck like a shadow, his body shook a few times, and finally returned to normal, and the gray-black flesh piece split from the monster completely disappeared.
The most terrifying thing about this monster is its abnormal vitality. It would be great if this special ability could be stolen. Klein used the “Levitation Spell” again and floated out of the window, extending his black-gloved right palm forward. and spread his fingers.
The scene he saw in front of him changed accordingly, and groups of brilliant brilliance of different colors replaced the corresponding people and objects.
These brilliance are constantly changing and flashing rapidly, making it difficult for people to grasp the underlying laws.
With the help of this perspective, Klein discovered that those gray-black pieces of flesh shared some brilliance and seemed to be divided, but in fact they were one.
He immediately and calmly closed the five fingers of his right hand, grabbed one of the balls of light, and turned his wrist to the right.
Suddenly, Klein saw the yellow-green light being drawn away and half integrated into his right palm.
This is the corresponding symbol of “Poisonous Fog”.
He stole the “poisonous mist” of the gray-black monster
This is what the Tinder Gloves are for
At the same time, Klein discovered that his extraordinary ability of “damage transfer” was lost and disappeared.
Within 12 hours, you c