ticing, I forgot that it was me. After I finished practicing, I thought of myself again, and I kept tossing it over and over again. People who are dominated by gold in the five elements have strong personalities, lofty goals, and ambitions, but they are too strong and easy to break. , people with the five elements dominated by fire have a straightforward personality, but too simple. The five elements dominate with water, and have a long-lasting personality. They will not show it immediately, and they are very tolerant, but they lack some enthusiasm. The five elements dominate with earth, calm and solid, with clear goals. But he is too cautious, the main tree of the five elements, gentle and well-intentioned, but he is really not suitable for practicing.”

Fan Hong’s words really made Wang Meng nod his head.
“Fan Hong, I think you should become a Yue Lao. If you talk to a matchmaker, you will definitely have a high success rate.”
“Don’t laugh at me. I can’t even finish my words when I meet a beautiful girl.”
When he is with Wang Meng, Fan Hong becomes relaxed and casual.
“You are the master tree of the five elements. It is indeed very similar to the five elements personality theory you mentioned. Your exercises are relatively gentle.”
“Well, my technique is indeed focused on nourishment. I focus on the talisman formation. I prefer defense to offense. In fact, why bother fighting.”
Fan Hong said that the five elements are dominated by water and the five elements are dominated by wood, which are very suitable for talisman cultivation.
Wang Meng rang the people around him. Li Tianyi dominated the five elements of fire, Yang Ying dominated the five elements of water, and Hu Jing was a combination of water and fire. No wonder he was decisive and calm, and Zhang Xiaojiang dominated the five elements of earth. This is very true. It seems careless, but in fact the fat man Mellow at heart.
“Wang Meng, you are very strange. I think my theory is very effective, but I always feel that it cannot be verified with you.”
Fan Hong looked at Wang Meng curiously.
/“There’s something special about me. If anything, it’s that I’m extremely handsome.”
Wang Meng shook his hair.
“No.” Fan Hong shook his head seriously.
Wang Meng was depressed for a moment, “I told Fan’er not to hit me like this, right?”
“That’s not what I mean. People who are the dominant tree of the Five Elements are the most sensitive to the Five Elements, but I can’t see what your situation is.”
Wang Meng was slightly startled, this guy was really not confused.
“Maybe I’m strong in everything, a genius yet to be discovered!”
Fan Hong thought about it seriously, “Maybe, but according to the Five Elements theory, the human body must have some performance.
Fan Hong’s eyes wandered over Wang Meng’s body, making Wang Meng’s hair stand on end.
“You bitch, stop looking, I’m not interested in men.”
Fan Hong scratched his head. He really couldn’t feel it, but he must be a little angry, right?
Fan Hong was not a serious person, and his interest quickly shifted to