d into pure white, as if there were hundreds of millions of people’s beauty, hope and will placed in it, and there was also a layer of blue strands, and the power of unity.

This power poured into the Humanity Bagua Diagram, immediately resisting the vast and surging Yuanyang Holy Fire, and temporarily helped many strong human beings to curb the raging of the Yuanyang Holy Fire.
At the same time, the Infinite Divine Wheel of Humanity manifested behind Qingyun.
In the Divine Wheel of Humanity, there is even more magnificent heaven and earth, and even countless great and small worlds.
These heavens and worlds have one common characteristic, that is, they are home to countless human beings.
At this time, they are like drops of sea water scattered between heaven and earth. Under the will of the Humanity Bagua Map, they all gather in the depths of the Humanity Bagua Map.
“Humanity to the heavens, humanity’s divine sword!”
Following the light scolding of Holy Emperor Fuxi, countless humanistic fortunes and blessings came. The humanistic Eight Diagrams instantly expanded, and the layers of Yuanyang Holy Fire that filled the air were instantly annihilated without sound. A vast pure white sword appeared in front of Fuxi Sheng. In the hands of the emperor.
Holy Emperor Fuxi lifted it up and stroked it gently with one hand.
Boom! !
In an instant, the Humanity Divine Sword in his hand exuded countless divine patterns and disappeared suddenly. At this time, the face of Taiyi, who had entered the depths of the Humanity Totem Space, changed drastically, and he felt an extremely dangerous and terrifying energy approaching.
But at this time, he could no longer respond much.
The operation of the Great Sun Yuanyang Spell has consumed part of his origin. In front of him, he completely relied on part of the Dao Fruit Origin to break into the human realm array space, trying to find a way to break through and leave.
But he was not willing to sit back and wait for death. Deep between his eyebrows, pure Yuanyang purple energy condensed and took shape, turning into a slender shadow of the Hongmeng Heavenly Ruler.
At this time, there was a determined look in the depths of Taiyi’s eyes, and a golden-red blazing sun once again condensed deep in the center of his eyebrows. There was a faint shadow of the sun inside, and it instantly fell onto the Hongmeng Heavenly Ruler.
/In an instant, Hongmeng Sky Ruler flew up and collided with a terrifying sword light flying from the depths of the void.
But he saw the phantom of the Hongmeng Heavenly Ruler being slashed by pure white sword light in an instant, and the pure white sword light instantly turned into a waterfall-like pure white sword light that enveloped him.
The sword light passed by, and Taiyi’s vast sacred body instantly returned to its normal human form.
At the same time, a golden sword light emerged from above his head like thunder, and the golden sword light struck from the depths of his eyebrows like a broken bamboo.
Xuanyuan’s real body quietly emerged from behind Taiyi. H