e in the village, Li Xuan knew that he had won this battle beautifully. Maybe no one will regard me as a child in the future, Li Xuan thought in his heart.

The Songshan Immortal Sect was about to collect spiritual stones again. Li Kui led the brothers from Heifeng Village to the mine to quarry stone. Li Xuan accompanied his mother in his mother’s room. Looking at his mother’s old face, Li Xuan felt very sad. His mother could not practice cultivation, and she had been in poor health due to her long-term service to others, which caused her illness. She gradually lost weight and looked older. In order to make his mother happy, Li Xuan often personally prepared some items for his mother. Xu Liu was very happy. In the past, he was always beaten and scolded by others. Now that he is the wife of the village owner and has such a filial child, Xu Liu feels She was already very content, and she felt that God was really good to her.
However, God is always joking with his people. This time Li Kui brought crystal stones and also brought a woman. When he came to the village, Li Kui announced that this woman was the wife of the 38th house. Xu Liu thought it was nothing. It was understandable that the village leader wanted to take a concubine because he was not good-looking, but Li Xuan felt uncomfortable because he felt that this was another woman who came to compete with his mother for his father, so Li Xuan had a very bad attitude towards this woman.
Later, I learned that this woman was the distant cousin of Liu Qingshan, the leader of Lingfeng Village, one of the 24 villages of Lianyun Seventy-two Peaks. The twenty-four villages of Lianyun Seventy-two Peaks were all affiliated to the Songshan Immortal Sect. During the season, a certain number of crystal stones must be handed over to the Songshan Immortal Sect in exchange for the protection of the Songshan Immortal Sect. This time, Li Kui led the brothers of Heifeng Village to mine crystal stones. Everything went smoothly. They encountered several monsters in the early stage of foundation building and were easily eliminated by the brothers of the village. However, the brothers of Lingfeng Village did not. So good luck, they encountered the gold-eating insects. Although the gold-eating insects are only second-level monsters, which are equivalent to high-level Qi training, they all appear in groups. Liu Qingshan’s own strength is the early stage of foundation building, copycat The strength of the brothers is also mediocre, so Lingfeng Village suffered a big loss this time and did not collect enough crystal stones. Village leader Liu was devastated. He would be punished if he couldn’t hand over the crystal. Otherwise, his life would be lost. It didn’t matter if he died, but what would he do with so many brothers in the village.
The leader of Liu Village was walking back to Lingfeng Village in a state of disbelief. When he saw his brother behind him with a sad face, Liu Qingshan felt uncomfortable, but he had no choice but to pray for God’s blessing.
/On the way back to the Seven