was a god-like existence to these newbies in the world of cultivation.

“I am Xu Huang from the Sword Sect, and I will also be your guide in practicing in the future. Now the team is separated and standing in front of your respective masters.”
The bearded Xu Huang’s voice was very domineering, and the rookie sword cultivators immediately stood on Xu Huang’s side.
“I am Wan Jing of the Arrow Sect. The disciples of Gong Cultivator come to me.”
Wan Jing’s voice was still cold, which was probably Gong Xiu’s characteristic, cold and his eyes were like lightning.
When Zhang Xiaopang followed the team to Wan Jing, the surrounding bow cultivator disciples all looked at him.
“What are you looking at? Who said a fat man can’t be a bow cultivator!” Zhang Xiaopang said without any discouragement. When Wang Meng and Hu Jing were present, the little fat man never knew what cowardice was.
There was a burst of laughter around, and even the four elders couldn’t help laughing. This little guy, it seems that the Arrow Sect is going to be lively.
“Zhao Ya of Fu Cultivator, disciples of Fu Cultivator, come here.” Elder Zhao Ya’s voice was different from the previous two. It was like a breath of spring breeze, and all the innocent little boys couldn’t help but admire them.
Hu Jing stood in the first place without hesitation.
“Ti Zong, Wang Bodang, the rest are just the little bastards of Ti Cultivator, okay, don’t waste time, let’s go!”
The voice of Physical Cultivator King Bodang was like thunder, making the heads of the group of people buzz.
It’s not like this on purpose. When you practice physical training, your body is a weapon, including your voice.
When a group of young people entered the church, the door of the church slammed shut. It was Wang Bodang who closed the door. The group of young people were stunned. The door that was more than 30 meters high and nearly one meter thick was closed by Wang Bodang. When closed with one hand.
/Suddenly, the group of physical practitioners were swept away with passion by Wang Bodang’s domineering spirit, and suddenly felt that the future was bright.
Under the leadership of the four people, everyone entered the inner door, but everyone was stunned by the scene in front of them. There was nothing inside, no people, no other buildings, just an empty square.
Suddenly everyone was whispering, but the four elders had no reaction. Apparently they had seen too many such reactions.
The four elders are also observing these newcomers. The better ones are like Hu Jing, who is not surprised by changes. Of course, some people may already know.
The vitality of Lei Guang City is good, but after all, it is only nourishment. For mortals in the growth period, the stronger the vitality, the better. If the qualifications are not enough, it may be dangerous, but once you reach adulthood and have life marks, the best place to practice is definitely It won’t be here.
All practitioners have a common destination, which is the Small Thousand Worlds!
/The light shone brightly, and a group of newbies in