outh. After a while, the mutual noise became louder and louder. Yan Lun’s hand shook suddenly, Make a series of first impressions.

Suddenly, the sky filled with arcs, and blazing flames filled the entire place.
“Scythe Harvest!”
The arc-moon knife drove the flames to completely cover Wuhuo, and a series of critical strikes directly exploded, causing the arena to roar continuously.
The flame wheel rose into the sky, and the smile on the corner of his mouth became comfortable. Is this Middle-Earth? It’s not a big deal.
In the flames, a fiery red figure soared into the sky. Wu Huo still had that youthful and beautiful smile, “I’m still in the stage of playing with fire. You can’t hurt me at this level. The three of you must have a formation together, and maybe there’s still a chance. I also want to see how far Old Man Canghai’s disciples have become over the years.”
Yan Lun’s expression suddenly froze, looking incredulous, “Do you know the master?”
“Yan Canghai is not dead yet. Judging from your skills, you should be his disciples. We fought against each other about a hundred years ago. Didn’t he mention me to you?”
Wu Huo said with a smile.
Yan Lun was stunned and thought for a while, then his expression suddenly changed. Yan Mu and Yan Xiu in the audience also rushed up, “Are you Shiranui’s Mai Huo?”
“Why doesn’t it look like it?”
The three of them looked at each other. In their impression, Shiranui’s Maihuo should be a super scary strong man, but he turned out to be such a lovely woman. The contrast was really huge.
(The first update is here, a powerful and surging one, filling Akito’s loneliness!)
Eight hundred and sixty-seven fire dance
“Senior Wuhuo, the three of us came to Middle-earth to fulfill our master’s last wish. I didn’t expect that we would meet each other so soon.”
/“Last wish? It doesn’t seem like old man Canghai’s life was short-lived.”
“My master learned a lot from the battle with you and was determined to break through the death barrier. However, he only succeeded in half. He passed away after passing on his inner skills to the three of me. He said that he must compete with you again.”
“Oh, if it’s his explanation, I’m really interested.”
Yan Mu, Yan Lun, and Yan Xiu looked at each other and spread out in an instant, forming a triangular formation that locked Wu Huo in the center, without missing a beat.
The surrounding monks were talking a lot, and they didn’t know much about the Taboo Group. Who would have thought that Wu Huo, who looked like a lively and healthy girl next door, turned out to be a super star of the older generation. Strong.
Too perverted.
“Mu Yan, I offer my body and soul to the God of Fire to gain the power of Heaven!”
Yan Mu’s body was blazing with flames, a prototype formation appeared at his feet, and at the same time, countless talismans around him jumped up with the light.
“Xiu Yan, I dedicate myself to the god of fire, be humble and pious, and inherit the power of heaven!”
A formation also appeared at Yan Xiu’s feet, with his arms spread wide