conclusion. This is probably the Baibao Tanghui that is the most similar to the Baibao Tanghui in recent years. Most of the disciples have gained something.

After the excitement, it was time to return to peaceful practice. Of course, Lei Guangtang gained the most, and they gained hope.
/Not only in terms of confidence, Zhang Liang also brought good news. Baicaotang can supply Lei Guangtang with a good batch of spiritual herbs at a very reasonable price, which Lei Guangtang is in urgent need of now.
To improve, the demand for spiritual grass is indispensable.
Wang Meng stayed in Lei Guangtang for a while, settling his own affairs before returning to the hut, but Zhou Feng had not returned yet.
Before the competition, he read through all the sword skills and alchemy skills he bought. After all, he couldn’t have any evil skills suddenly appear while fighting others, otherwise it would cause trouble for himself.
I have to say that Zhang Liang is really a capable guy. Wang Meng searched for an earth-attribute spiritual object in Shengtang Pavilion for a long time, but Zhang Liang got it within a few days, even though he spent fifty yuan on a medium-grade spiritual object. Stone, but this five-hundred-year-old earth attribute black turtle inner elixir is just enough.
There are still quite a few differences between the methods of practicing Ebony Essence and Demonic Beast Pills, which Wang Meng needs to solve during this period.
/Lingxi Xiaobeng can tolerate loneliness very well. Its main task is to guard its own rations. When the spiritual grain is mature, it will attract monsters to steal it. However, the fifth-level Lingxi is here, and it also adds food to Wang Meng.
After waiting for Zhou Feng for a few days, Zhou Feng was nowhere to be seen. Wang Meng also decided to go into seclusion and practice his skills in one go.
To pass the Five Elements Pass, it is not enough to rely on spiritual objects alone, but also the corresponding exercises. The Explosive Technique and the Origin-Elevating Technique have been connected to the perfection of the fourteenth level. In the next time, Wang Meng will have to be busy with metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Golden Que Technique, Shui Lan Technique, Flame Technique, Mu Chun Technique, and Tu Kun Technique. This is the real reason why Wang Meng is shopping in Shengtang Pavilion. What he wants to finally obtain is the godhead of a holy cultivator. Once the key skills are involved, The method must be a holy cultivation method.
Wang Meng must have heard about the matching skills of the five elements in his previous life. The skills for each attribute are easy to find, especially at this level, but how to form a resonance with the five elements is what needs to be conquered next.
Wang Meng retreated, but Zhang Xiaojiang and others were called by three elders.
“There is still one year before the competition. I think you all know the importance of this battle to you and the fate of Lei Guangtang.” Zhao Ya said.
Everyone nodded.
“For this reason, we want to teach you the tr