he quickly raised his hands and asked, “Senior, that’s ridiculous. I just don’t know how Senior made the Earth Pattern ineffective.”

“The earth element has spirit, which is called the earth pattern. When the earth pattern is completed, the earth law will not be invaded. However, the so-called earth law here is a rigid law. What if the law also has spirit? Haha, this is another realm, waiting for you. When you truly reach the realm of divine transformation, you will naturally understand.”
Xiao Wangyun was stunned and speechless. Can spells be effective? I still don’t understand. Spells are different from Five Elements True Essence. Spells are composed of secret methods, like puppets made by humans, while True Essence is a natural spiritual creature.
Although he didn’t understand it very well, Xiao Wangyun still bowed deeply, thanked him as a disciple, and then returned to the Xiao family’s main formation.
The heads of each family were silent. Xiao Wangyun’s concealment was surprising, but in the face of the earth pattern that could make earth magic absolutely ineffective, the Emperor of the Earth still used the most common earth magic to defeat Xiao Wangyun in the end. Completely defeated
Does the spell work?
What’s the meaning?
It seems that the real strength of the Four Emperors needs to be re-evaluated, and it will definitely not be worse than the Forbidden Group.
/The victory of the Four Emperors was actually expected.
/Although the Xiao family has a strong foundation, the Four Emperors are the Four Emperors after all. They are old and qualified. If it were not for the taboo forces, the most popular dojo in the world would be the Four Emperors. Therefore, the strategy of the Xiao family is the same as that of the Meng family. The royal family is against My own understanding is also very clear. It is better to hide one’s ugliness than to show one’s ugliness, but it only caused a burst of admiration. The family members cherish feathers too much, and their long-term worldly life makes them worry too much.
However, compared to the battle between the Four Emperors and the Xiao family, what is highly anticipated is the next one.
Nine hundred and six blasts to the sky
Hongtian Group versus Feitian Dance Group.
Hongtian and Wuhuo of the Hongtian Regiment left countless taboo legends two hundred years ago. One was the first power cultivator and the other was the last fire spiritual cultivator. Now that they have reappeared in the world, they are even more talked about. , how strong are these two now?
Nobody knows!
As for the Feitian Dance Troupe, they are life bugs, asking for destiny, hating the sky, looking at the clouds, and eighteen-winged bats.
So far, only the Eighteen-Winged Bat has officially taken action. The origins of the other four are still unknown. Sometimes, unknown things can make people feel more terrifying.
The fate insects, asking for destiny, hating the height of the sky, looking at the clouds, and the eighteen-winged bats all walked onto the battlefield together.
“Group fight or one-o