the chain effect will be quite powerful.

At this time, when they looked at Shu Kewei, everyone’s feelings changed again. Originally, Shu Kewei gambled on this and that every day. Although he knew that he was a competitive expert, Shu Kewei’s approachability would always make people overlook some things. But as the dojo goes deeper, even pigs can tell the difference.
As a group leader, being able to subjugate two bald heads like this shows off his own strength, and there is still one who doesn’t take action!
Of course, apart from the major taboo groups, there are very few people who believe this news.
Wang Meng found it very interesting. The laws that make you uncomfortable are very interesting, and the order composed of laws is even more interesting. The laws and orders of others should be orderly. Only when there is no disorder or chaos, and there is a method and a measure, can we have control.
But the unforgettable order, although it was just a glimpse, Wang Meng felt an unknown turbulence, an unforgettable law and order. It’s like gambling, there’s something probabilistic about it.
Just don’t know what it will end up being? Judging from the battle between Jing Kong and Jing Yun, it seems that it can affect cause and effect, but it is specious.
Wang Meng developed a strong interest in the dice-throwing circus, which might give him the power to go further!
Each battle is stronger than the last. Everyone is full of expectations for the remaining two battles, Sanhui vs. Ji Family, and Fuluantuan vs. Hanhai Sansheng.
At the three conferences, the Three Immortals still did not show up, but no one would doubt the power of the Three Immortals. Under normal circumstances, the strength of the Three Immortals far exceeds that of the Five Emperors, and the strength shown by the Four Emperors in this world’s number one place is enough to rival the Taboo Group!
In other words, the Three Immortals may be stronger than most taboo groups.
Of course, this is just people’s conjecture. What the facts are, we have to fight to determine the outcome.
/To the Ji family. No one dared to take a peek. The Xiao family of the Great Xia royal family had already demonstrated that the royal family’s heritage is something you can never imagine, judging from Ji Xuanyuan’s attitude. Even if the Ji family doesn’t seek victory, it will still bring surprises to everyone.
General Buluantuan and Yidian You are both old monsters who have lived for hundreds of years. Except for Bu Lao Bu Xiao, who doesn’t know how old they are, these two old guys are probably the ones who have lived the longest.
/The longer you live, the more terrifying you naturally become, not only your true energy cultivation, but also your understanding of laws and order. Even a pig can understand something after living for hundreds of years. God knows, this The two old monsters realized what laws and order they had.
The Three Saints of the Vast Sea are elusive. The three of them have already announced that they are three people. If they want to fight, they must fight