silver will be refined!”

Zhang Jian’s eyes were a little dumb. Some things may be lost to the authorities but only bystanders can see clearly.
He knew roughly what was going on.
“It’s so lively, let’s go take a look! Let’s see what Taoist Yuzhen from Longmen Mountain is capable of?”
He heard these boys mention that it was rumored that this Taoist came from Longmen Mountain in Shanyang County. Longmen Mountain is a famous mountain scenic spot in Shanyang County. There are many great virtues and high Taoists who have become monks and practice. There are many legends in it. Immortals appear.
When Zhang Jian entered the four-bedroom compound, he happened to hear a figure shouting loudly.
“Go quickly, go quickly, the real person said, you are all worldly people, with the five turbid qi, it is most easy to break the true elixir. If you break this furnace of true elixir and lose the mother’s silver, be careful, I will peel it off.” Off your skin!”
Hearing this, many of the boys dispersed one after another.
Zhang Jian had already seen the figure of his fourth uncle Qi Yuanjia, and next to him was his eldest cousin Qi Tongjue, who looked listless and was still yawning.
A look of excessive indulgence.
Zhang Jian glanced at this older cousin, his eyes fluctuating slightly.
Qi Yuanjia also saw Zhang Jian coming, his eyes lit up, he stepped forward and smiled.
“Ayu is here. This is a rare guest. Come into the back room quickly.”
He was extremely enthusiastic. Although Qi Yuanjia was a playboy who liked to eat, drink, and hang out in brothels, he was also very eye-catching. But when he saw the troubled look on Qi Tongli’s face next to him, he suddenly felt that iron was not made of steel.
“Ah Li, look at what you look like. You’re listless all day long. Are you still my grandson? Even when my cousin comes to the door, you don’t know how to say hello, and the mud can’t get on the wall!”
Qi Yuanjia became more and more angry as he talked.
Qi Tongqiu was like a piece of meat on a hob. He didn’t care about Qi Yuanjia’s scolding at all. He just glanced at Zhang Jian, nodded and said: “Cousin Jian, you can do whatever you want. Don’t listen to my father’s nonsense. , just like your own home!”
He yawned and went straight back to catch up on his sleep.
Seeing this scene, Qi Yuanjia became even more angry and wanted to scold him, but Zhang Jian stopped the fourth uncle. He didn’t blame him much. The fourth uncle, father and son, were from the same line, and they were all so careless.
/Zhang Jian just smiled and said: “Fourth uncle, don’t bother, I just took a look. I heard that fourth uncle invited a Taoist from Longmen Mountain, who is good at alchemy, to come here specially to have a chat!”
Hearing this, Qi Yuanjia immediately smiled and said: “That’s quite a pity. Master Yuzhen left this morning because of something. The alchemy furnace is currently under my care. He needs to prepare a few more adjuvants. We won’t come back until we have collected enough adjuvants!”
“It would be a pity if we didn’t have the c