ng are all natural and pollution-free. You can eat them with confidence after washing them. There is no need to peel them. But Zhu Peng also understood that Mo Xiu just wanted to find some for himself. Things were going on, so I just watched quietly and didn’t stop him.

With a slash of the knife, he split the apple in his hand into two halves. Mo Xiu bit one himself, and gave the other to Zhu Peng, who was covered in bandages and plaster and could barely move.
“This battle was really miserable. The blood team that went to the Three Clans Alliance to steal the camp was almost wiped out. Our 38 team is already very good. Except for Chang Xiao, everyone else is He was only injured but not dead, which is already very fortunate.”
/Glancing at his empty left sleeve from the corner of his eye, Mo Xiu’s words were filled with emotion and pride.
Half a month has passed, and the situation in the Qinwang Ridge has changed. The Yuan-destroying cannon and blood-coagulating snake formation under Qinglong City have unleashed their might, breaking the formation and killing people, allowing the Xuepo clan to wipe out most of the three clans alliance at a very small cost. of vitality.
It’s just that it’s too much, not too much. This is not very good news. According to the thinking of the top management of Blood Soul, due to the threat of sending troops from the Kuji Sword Sect and the inducement of the remaining territory of the Scarlet Shadow Immortal Sect, the three families of Han, Wang, and Cui are almost bound to cause internal strife. It was a mess.
However, Su Wenshe’s display of power in Qinglong City broke this almost inevitable process. The strength of the alliance of the three tribes was greatly damaged, but they hugged each other even more tightly. The three tribes worked together to fight against the blood, not to mention the suffering. , and even worked together to fight for the remaining territory of the Scarlet Shadow Immortal Sect, in an attempt to make up for the loss of their respective strength.
/The monk war that should have ended had to continue because of this change, but the process has eased a lot. Everyone began to put more energy and manpower into appropriating the territory and resources of the original Scarlet Shadow Immortal Sect instead of attacking each other. After all, although the Three Clans Alliance and the Blood Clan are both major forces in the Qinwang Ridge, there are also many small and medium-sized forces in the surrounding areas.
Don’t fight each other to the death, but let the small and medium-sized forces around you gradually grow up. That’s just a joke.
“Xiao Zhu, I heard that on the day you broke through the blood-coagulating snake formation, you not only fought with Master Wen She, but also passed over his head. Is this true?” Faced with Mo Xiu’s words, Zhu Peng While chewing the apple, he nodded with a wry smile. There is no room for evasion or lies about this kind of question. There were many monks at Qinglong City that day who witnessed such an astonishing scene. In this half-