uins of the Tiangong buildings everywhere.

It was such a huge spectacle. Because Wang Hu went crazy and vented the power of the magic weapon, most of them were damaged and collapsed, and not a single one was left intact.
Several magical treasures from the Tribulation Period are buried deep in the ruins. Without the help of the golden-scaled snake, the treasure hunt will take a lot of time.
/Fortunately, the magic weapon has its own divine light, and it is ownerless at the moment. With induction, it is not difficult to estimate the approximate location.
The battle flag, the flying sword, and the spear, the three lost magic weapons of the Yuhua Sect were returned to Zhao in perfect condition. As the leader, Lu Bei was quite pleased that he finally lived up to his master’s instructions before his death.
The two magic weapons, the Golden Bell and the Lotus Platform, were stained and it would take a lot of time to clean them up.
If it weren’t for Wang Hu’s lack of strength, even though the magic weapon of the Tribulation Period had been silent and had not been maintained for thousands of years, its foundation had always been there, and it would not have been damaged like this under ordinary attacks.
Lu Bei regretted, waved his sleeves and put the five magic weapons into his sleeves, and then turned to look at She Zhang: “You have a share. When my sect leader returns to Tianjian Sect, he will find the servants of the Tribulation Period to consecrate the magic weapons. You will definitely share it. One piece.”
“Do I have a share too?”
She Yan smiled jokingly: “I used to work hard and work hard, but in the end I couldn’t get anything.”
It’s different, you are a sleeper now.
Lu Bei grunted, blasted away the ruins in front of him with his sword and fist, and led She Zhang into a collapsed hall.
In the palace, there are all kinds of magic weapons, spiritual elixirs, magical weapons, and raw materials for refining weapons, formations, and elixirs. The treasure house also shows the national power of the thousand-year-old dynasty to future generations.
/It’s a pity that time is the most ruthless.
The magic weapon of the Tribulation Period has been dusted for thousands of years and needs to be re-consecrated. Not to mention the common objects in the hall. Lu Bei and She Zhang were picking and choosing, but they couldn’t find a few useful things.
Entering Baoshan is a thousand years late.
Lu Bei felt really regretful. He put his hands against the wall and looked for the secret door with his two big blue hands.
At the same time, a little bit of vibration force spread from his palm to the entire hall.
The mechanism was turned on, and the wall on one side of the main hall slowly sank, revealing the inner palace chamber, which was thousands of meters square.
In the hall, dozens of stone steles were erected, densely packed with ancient texts written in Daxia, marking the year, month, day and country name, which seemed to be
“No serious person can keep a diary!”
Lu Bei muttered, raised his h