nd peace in forging.

Wang Meng had been here for a while, watching quietly, feeling the peace and nostalgia in Suo Ming’s heart.
After finishing the sword, Suo Ming looked at it for a long time. Although Wang Bodang was an elder in physical cultivation, he was average in forging, and the guidance he gave Suo Ming was quite limited. In Wang Bodang’s opinion, Suo Ming should concentrate on physical cultivation. Don’t think about other things, but Suo Ming is very persistent in forging.
For most practitioners in the Small Thousand Worlds, they don’t want to ascend at all, and Suo Ming is even more so. He wants to live a meaningful life.
“Boss, you’re here.”
“Haha, it’s fun to watch you forge and you are very involved, but I still think being a cook is more suitable for you.” Wang Meng said with a smile.
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Chapter 78: Challenge
Facing Wang Meng’s teasing, Suo Ming also showed a long-lost smile. (._%%)
“Come and give me the sword.”
Suo Ming handed over the sword. Wang Meng would not comment on anything else, but when it came to his understanding of the sword, even Wan Tian would have to stand aside.
“Boss, I plan to exhibit the Lin series, swords, hammers, etc. at this Baobaotang Fair.”
“Very good, let me try it too.” Wang Meng felt a little itchy when he touched the sword.
He knows everything. Although he is not a physical practitioner, he has seen Lin Ying’s forging, and his understanding of swords is unparalleled.
Suo Ming was stunned, and moved out of the way to let Wang Meng start. Wang Meng started to make noises. Sword cultivation is not as convenient as physical cultivation, but this process is not a problem for Wang Meng. Watching the iron in his hand gradually transform into the shape of a sword, that wonderful feeling was growing again, just like when he was refining elixirs.
Suo Ming watched from the side. He had to say that the boss might be mysterious, but forging was really not his specialty. Of course, as a sword cultivator, there was nothing he could do about it. Forging focused on coherence, and physical cultivators could directly output power, while sword cultivators had to use Yuanli driving power are completely different things.
Suo Ming couldn’t see it, but Wang Meng completely entered a state of no otherness, and concentrated on enjoying the process of the birth of the sword. The more he did this, the more he missed “Buyu”. The only thing he couldn’t let go of in his previous life was the Wuyu sword, and even now he would rather choose one. A broken sword.
A very simple sword was born in Wang Meng’s hands. How can I put it, it feels a bit like Silent Sword, but it is far worse, but it does make Wang Meng miss it.
/After talking lightly, the long sword made a clear chirp and shook his head slightly, “Just keep this sword.”
This can be regarded as a little nostalgia for Lin Ying. Although the days at Pingfu Arms Shop were short, they were indeed very happy.
Suoming nodded solemnly, no matter how well the sword was made, it was a sign of respect.
In the following time, the Lei Gu